Investigators Link Bee Die-Off To Unauthorized Hives In Oregon

Investigators have discovered 30 unauthorized commercial honeybee hives near the site of a large bee die-off in Sherwood southwest of Portland. Full Story »

New Study: Mercury Found In Sport Fish In Remote Northwest Lakes

by Ashley Ahearn

A new report finds mercury levels in some fish caught in the West's national parks exceed federal health thresholds for potential impacts to fish, birds and humans.

Climate Model Shows Asian Pollution Influences Global Weather

by Courtney Flatt

Pollution in Asia can influence weather over much of the world. Those are the findings from a new climate study from scientists in Washington state and Texas.

Wash. DNR Postpones Clear-Cuts It Approved Near Oso Landslide

by John Ryan

Washington state officials have postponed selling 250 acres of timber on steep slopes near the town of Oso, where a deadly mudslide last month raised questions about the role logging may have played.

Ranchers And Tribes’ Klamath Agreement Shifts The Hard Work To Congress

by Devan Schwartz

Friday's ceremonial acknowledgement of a new agreement in the Klamath Basin shifts the hard work of consensus building from the drought-afflicted region stradling Oregon and California to the U.S. Congress.

Endangered Salmon Migrate Via Trucks Around Cracked Dam

by Anna King

The Columbia River will remain drawn down at least until June because of the cracked Wanapum Dam in southeast Washington.

Researchers Find Pocket Of Air Pollution In Central Washington

by Courtney Flatt

Researchers have found the source of an unusual pocket of air pollution in Central Washington. Tiny particles from large agricultural operations mix with vehicle exhaust. That creates nitrate pollution.

A New Western Outlaw: The Bee Rustler

by Ryan Haas

Beehive thefts are on the rise in California, possibly as a result of declining bee populations and their increased value as pollinators. The phenomena of bee rustling doesn't appear to have spread to the Northwest. Not yet, at least.

California Delays Decision On Protecting Gray Wolf

by AP

A California state board says it needs more time to hear from the public before deciding whether to list gray wolves as an endangered species in California.

Saving The Greater Sage Grouse

by Courtney Flatt

The West’s greater sage grouse are in trouble. They make their homes in desert sagebrush country. As their habitat shrinks, sage grouse numbers dwindle. Biologists are working to boost the birds' numbers.

Neighbors Press Precision Castparts To Cut Air Pollution

by Cassandra Profita

Portland metals manufacturer Precision Castparts met with a group of concerned citizens Thursday night to field questions about air pollution at its plants.

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