Feds Consider Grizzly Bear Reintroduction In Washington Cascades

The National Park Service says it has launched a three-year process to determine whether to reintroduce grizzly bears into the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. Full Story »

Small Wind Power Loses Steam In 2013

by Courtney Flatt

A report on small wind power in the U.S. found there are fewer new small wind turbines in 2013 than in recent years.

Oregon Denies Permit For Controversial Coal Export Dock

by Cassandra Profita

Oregon regulators announced Monday they will not issue a permit for a controversial coal export dock in Boardman.

Oregon Senators, Fire Chiefs See Gaps In Proposed Oil Train Rules

by Tony Schick

Oregon Senators offered local fire chiefs a chance to share concerns about oil train safety with a high-ranking official from the Department of Transportation on Monday in Eugene.

Triple Rescue And Rehab Ends Well For Lucky Ospreys

by Tom Banse

Three young ospreys and a parent are flying free along the Columbia River today after surviving close calls with litter.

Cantwell: Shellfish Growers Are The Canary In The Coal Mine

by John Ryan

Democratic senators from Oregon and Alaska are calling for a national strategy to respond to ocean acidification and protect the nation's fishing industry.

Washington Wildfires Displace Deer

by Courtney Flatt

Wildfires have ravaged more than a million acres across the Northwest. In central Washington, the burned landscape will leave one of the state's largest deer herds without a place to go this winter.

Communities Around White Clouds Sharply Split Over Proposal

by Aaron Kunz

The Boulder-White Cloud Mountains in Idaho are rugged, located in the heart of the state's mid-section. But a divide over how to use the mountain land and potential action from the Obama Administration has residents of the area sharply split.

The Perilous Life Of A Professional Honeybee

by Cassandra Profita

Scientists say exposure to pesticides is just one of many hazards honeybees face, but they're working to find out just how big a role it plays in their overall decline.

How Ocean Chemistry Threatens The NW Oyster Industry

by Kathryn Batstone-Boyd, Ben Stone, Karina Ordell

The Pacific Northwest's ocean chemistry is changing. The waters are acidifying. And that has oyster farmers worried about the future of their industry.

Fatal Attraction: Ospreys In A Bind With Baling Twine, Fishing Line

by Tom Banse

Osprey nests are a common sight in the Northwest. If you look closely with binoculars, you might notice some of these large raptors line their nests with discarded baling twine or fishing line. The problem is it can kill them.

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