Why The Northwest Is the New Frontier For Geothermal Energy

The geothermal industry is holding its annual meeting in Portland this week. Group leaders say they chose the location because the Northwest is a new frontier for geothermal energy development. Full Story »

Swinomish Tribe Prepares For A Changing Climate

by Ashley Ahearn

The Swinomish people have lived near the mouth of the Skagit River north of Seattle for thousands of years. Now, they're trying to deal with climate change and its threats of rising seas and flooding.

Lakeview Biofuel Plant Proposal Raises Air Quality Concerns

by Cassandra Profita

A project proposed in Lakeview, Oregon, would turn woody biomass from logging into biofuels for ships and planes. But some worry the project might add to the air quality problems in southern Oregon.

Going For Launch With The Salmon Cannon

by Aaron Kunz, Courtney Flatt

Salmon may soon have a faster way to make it around dams. There’s a new technology that’s being developed to transport hatchery fish in the Northwest. It’s called the salmon cannon -- yes, you read that right.

Ocean Winds Responsible For Climate Change In The Northwest, Study Says

by Ashley Ahearn

The vast majority of scientific literature suggests that human activity is to blame for climate change. But a controversial new study challenges that science – in the Northwest anyway.

Biologists Try To Figure Out Large Fall Chinook Runs

by Courtney Flatt

This year’s fall chinook migration is expected to be one of the largest in recent years. Researchers aren’t sure exactly why fall chinook have made such a big comeback.

Shellfish Tell Puget Sound’s Polluted Tale

by Ashley Ahearn

Scientists used shellfish to conduct the broadest study of pollution levels along the shore of Puget Sound, ever. And in some places, it's pretty contaminated.

Dying Starfish Could Get Help From Congress

by Katie Campbell

The proposed Marine Disease Emergency Act would speed up the process for dedicating federal dollars to the study of sea star wasting syndrome and other marine disease outbreaks.

Can Scientists And State Policymakers Get It Right When It Comes To Protecting The Sage Grouse?

by Aaron Kunz

A forum this week will explore the relationship between science and policymaking when it comes to protecting the sage grouse, a bird that's in trouble throughout the West.

Study Links Flame Retardants In The Columbia To Household Laundry

by Cassandra Profita

A new study finds chemical flame retardants from household products are latching onto clothing and washing into the Columbia through laundry water.

Scientists On A Quest For Knowledge About Coal Dust Risks

by Ashley Ahearn

Scientists have a lot of questions about what happens when coal escapes from trains and terminals and gets into the environment.

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