We're Putting More Homes On Wild Lands And In The Path Of Wildfires


For people living in the “wildland-urban interface,” wildfire risk is the new normal, and the risk is increasing as more people move into places where cul-de-sac meets forest or sagebrush. 

Wild Bees May Benefit From Cleaning Up After Clearcuts


After cutting down trees in a section of forest, logging crews can do their local bees a favor by sticking around to clear the debris and flatten the ground.

Oregonians Can Weigh In On New Proposed Smoke Management Rules


Oregonians will have the chance to weigh in on proposed new smoke management rules that could ease the way for more controlled burns aimed at reducing the threat of major wildfires.

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Fixing The Willamette's Toxic Algae Problem Could Start At Ross Island

Toxic algal blooms have plagued the lower Willamette in recent years. Most of them started in one place: the lagoon at Ross Island, near downtown Portland.

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How To Prepare Your Home For Wildfire

More than 46 million homes in the U.S. are vulnerable to wildfire because they were built near forests or sagebrush. Here are some tips to keeping these homes safer from fire.

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Wildfire Smoke Causing Poor Air Quality Across Northwest

Public health officials are warning of unhealthy air across parts of the Pacific Northwest as smoke from wildfires move across the region.

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How Conservationists Are Using AI And Big Data To Aid Wildlife

A Portland nonprofit is using artificial intelligence to help give the conservation movement a makeover.

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Scientists Deliver Live Salmon To Sick, Endangered Young Orca

Scientists have taken an unprecedented step to save one of the Salish Sea’s 75 endangered orcas: They tried to feed her in the wild.

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As Oregon's Yellow Jacket Population Peaks, Expert Urges Safe Co-Habitation

You may have noticed more and more yellow jackets hovering around your home, but an Oregon State University bug expert says to be calm, careful, and kind.

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Evacuations Downgraded For Wildfire Burning Near Mosier

Containment of the wildfire burning near Mosier, Oregon, is estimated at 50 percent as of Sunday evening. 

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For-Profit Firefighters Find Business In An At-Risk Oregon Community

In a tax-averse but fire-prone part of Southwest Oregon, residents are turning to for-profit firefighters to keep their homes safe.

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Crews Maneuver, Make Progress On Several Southwest Oregon Fires

Several wildfires burning near Grants Pass continue to cover the region in smoke.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Water Quality At Round Butte Dam

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit over water management at Round Butte Dam in Central Oregon.


How Conservationists Are Using AI And Big Data To Aid Wildlife


A Portland nonprofit is using artificial intelligence to help give the conservation movement a makeover.

When It Comes To Wildfire, Politics Lag Behind Science


Western politicians who represent fire-prone regions are reluctant to tell their smoke-weary constituents that there sometimes needs to be more fire in the forest.

Can Washington Make A Plan To Save The Orcas?


The governor’s orca task force met in Wenatchee to come up with a long-term plan to help the recovery of the orca population that spends much of its time in or around the Puget Sound. 

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