Grazing Restrictions Could Be Lifted On Some Of Oregon's Sage Grouse Habitat

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The Trump administration wants to reduce restrictions for greater sage grouse across seven states. For the imperiled birds in Oregon, that means fewer grazing restrictions in some specific habitat.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Up Again. What Now, Climate?


The fortuitous dip in emissions of the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, during the past three years is over, as economies turn up. The trend in the near future looks grim, say climate scientists.

Want A Straw For Your Drink In Portland? You'll Have To Ask.


Portland City Councilors on Wednesday approved an ordinance that implements a by-request-only policy for plasticware for dine-in, delivery and takeout orders starting in July 2019.

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Scent Research Could Help More Salmon Find Their Way Home

Southern Oregon’s Elk River has a problem. Salmon produced in a fish hatchery there aren’t returning to spawn. One scientist believes she has a solution … leading the salmon by the nose.

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Audit Flags Problems With Portland’s Environmental Agency

The Bureau of Environmental Services is spending millions on projects aimed at improving water quality and restoring wildlife habitat, but auditors found the bureau often can’t prove it's meeting its goals.

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The US Farm Bill Looks To Fight Wildfire

The House Agriculture Committee announced a tentative deal Nov. 29 on the massive federal farm bill. Final negotiations over the legislation have focused not on farms but on forests.

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An Elusive Predator Will Return To The North Cascades

Washington's North Cascades will soon see the return of a small, weasel-like predator called the fisher. The carnivore has been successfully reintroduced in other parts of the state.

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The Mysterious Virus That Killed The Oregon Zoo's Youngest Elephant

No one knows why so many young elephants like Lily at the Oregon Zoo die from a usually harmless elephant virus. But there's a global effort to save them.

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Report: Climate Change To Burden Oregon Health Systems

Climate change is already having a tangible impact on the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon’s health care and social systems will likely bear a significant burden.

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For Father-Daughter Pair, Hunting Is A Chance To Empower And Connect

For many of the 11.5 million hunters in the United States, guns and hunting represent a family tradition and a tool to teach young people about responsibility, the environment and self confidence.

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Court Orders Oregon DEQ Action On Expired Water Quality Permits

A court order will require the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to start issuing water pollution permits for older ones that have expired, known as "zombie permits."

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Report: Climate Change Is Already Bringing Problems To Northwest — And It Will Get Worse

The Northwest is already seeing the effects of climate change, according to a new national climate assessment.

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Study: NW Forests Will Weather Climate Change Better Than Others In The West

A new paper predicts substantial vulnerability to drought and wildfire over the next three decades.


Learning To Live With Wildfire

The way we dealt with wildfire for much of the 20th century was mostly dead wrong. That, we've known for decades. So why do we keep getting it so wrong when it comes to living with wildfire?

Report: Climate Change Is Already Bringing Problems To Northwest — And It Will Get Worse


The Northwest is already seeing the effects of climate change, according to a new national climate assessment.

Oregon Launches First Statewide Refillable Bottle System In US


Refillable beer bottles from seven craft breweries are popping up on store shelves across Oregon as the state leads an effort to bring back a more sustainable way of drinking beer.

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