Researchers ID Whales By Genetic Bread Crumbs Left Behind


Even two hours after they pass, genetic traces from orcas can be detected in the water.

This Is What That 'Salmon-Safe' Label Says About Your Wine Or Eggs


One of the region's biggest farm operations touts its products as certified "salmon safe." Does that matter to consumers deciding which carton of eggs to put in their shopping cart?

Tropical Dolphins Are Appearing In Pacific Northwest Waters


For the first time, bottlenose dolphins have been sighted off the coast of British Columbia. And more might be coming.

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Making Homes Resistant To Wildfire May Be Cheaper Than We Thought

Homes mixed in with forests are a big complication for managing wildfires. But experts say keeping those homes from burning could be cheaper and simpler than previously thought.

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California Company Buys Oregon-Based SolarWorld Americas

California-based SunPower has purchased solar panel manufacturer SolarWorld Americas and plans to invest in the Hillsboro solar manufacturing plant.

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Salvage Logging Proposed For Parts Of Chetco Bar Fire Burn Area

Chetco Bar was by far Oregon’s largest wildfire in 2017, burning just over 191,000 acres in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

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Klamath Farmers Ask Federal Judge To Kickstart Irrigation Season

Federal dam operators are asking to open the irrigation season next week in lieu of holding back water to benefit fish.

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Washington Says No To Poisoning Native Shrimp To Protect Oyster Beds

Washington regulators turn down shellfish growers' request to use pesticide on native shrimp.


Will The New Farm Bill Be Terrible For Conservation? 6 Things To Know

The Trump administration wants to slash the federal government’s biggest source of funds for conservation on private land.

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Bike Park On Mount Hood Moves Forward After Lawsuit Dismissal

Timberline Lodge says it is moving forward with construction of a mountain bike park on Mount Hood.

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California Takes Up Ocean Wind Energy After Oregon Project Fails

Two years after a ocean wind energy project failed to gain traction in Southern Oregon, developers are trying their luck in California.

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Conservation Groups Call For A Ban On Trapping Rare Martens

Conservation groups filed a petition Wednesday asking the state of Oregon to ban the trapping of Humboldt martens in coastal forests.

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Some Solar Customers Left Behind After Oregon Deadline Passes

Some of Oregon’s solar customers are going to miss out on thousands of dollars in savings, thanks to the expiration last weekend  of Oregon’s solar tax credit.


Will These Sage Grouse Be ‘Nevermore’ With Egg-Stealing Ravens In Their Midst?


The West's greater sage grouse are in trouble  for all kinds of reasons. Researchers are starting to look into an unusual threat: predatory ravens.

Conservation Groups Call For A Ban On Trapping Rare Martens


Conservation groups filed a petition Wednesday asking the state of Oregon to ban the trapping of Humboldt martens in coastal forests.

This Theme Park's Replica Mini-Dams Are Attracting Northwest Scientists To Mississippi


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prepared for its biggest-ever planned spill of water over dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers by testing out options on a set of mini dams in Mississippi.

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