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Amelia Templeton

Amelia Templeton is a multimedia reporter and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting, covering city hall, justice and local news.

She was previously a reporter for EarthFix, an award-winning public media project covering the environment in the Northwest. She coproduced the Oregon Field Guide and online special "Glacier Caves: Mt. Hood’s Secret World."

Amelia has been producing radio since 2004, when she contributed to a student radio podcast of stories from the war in Iraq. Amelia has also worked as a freelance journalist for NPR, American Public Media's Marketplace, and CBS News. From 2007 to 2009 she was a Refugee Policy Analyst with Human Rights First in Washington, D.C.

She has a degree in history from Swarthmore College.

Amelia enjoys hiking, exploring the Northwest, and raising chickens in her backyard.

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Recent Articles

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Medical Examiner Rules Overdose Caused Portland Man's Death, Not Police Use of Force

The Multnomah County Medical Examiner said Monday that the death of a man who struggled with police in Portland on Thanksgiving Day was an overdose and was not related to police use of force.

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Gateway Center For Domestic Violence Services Merges With Multnomah County

The the Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Services will become part of Multnomah County, but Portland pledged to continue its funding for six years.

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Portland Council Unanimously Approves Deal For Unarmed Police 'Safety Specialists'

After years of discussion, Portland is one step closer to hiring a team of 12 unarmed “public safety specialists” to respond to incidents that don’t require a uniformed police officer.

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Portland FBI Head Clarifies Statement On Proud Boys

The FBI said Tuesday that a southwest Washington law enforcement agency was mistaken when it reported that federal officials described a right-wing group as “extremist.”

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FBI Makes Case For Portland To Remain In Joint Terrorism Task Force

At a briefing Tuesday in Portland, the FBI discussed at length the role of Oregon's Joint Terrorism Task Force, a partnership between local and federal law enforcement agencies.

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Portland, FBI Met This Month To Discuss Withdrawal From Terrorism Task Force

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler held talks with the FBI this month to discuss how to handle the city’s withdrawal from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, public records released by the mayor’s office show.

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Portland Officers Describe Witnessing Shooting Before They Killed Patrick Kimmons

The Multnomah County District Attorney has released transcripts of the testimony that led a grand jury to clear Portland police officers of wrongdoing in the death of Patrick Kimmons.   

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Bezos Gift To Portland Nonprofit Means Big Boost In Help For Homeless Families

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has given $5 million to JOIN, a Portland nonprofit.  It means a $1.25 million annual boost to a $3 million budget for aid to homeless families across Multnomah County. 

local | News | Politics

'OPB Politics Now:' Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Very Bad Week

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler had perhaps the worst week of his tenure. Is the problem this particular mayor or Portland’s unique form of government?

local | News | Politics

Portland Mayor's Controversial Protest Ordinance Fails In City Council

Portland City Council has voted against a proposal from Mayor Ted Wheeler that would have given him the power to designate a time and place for protests between groups with a history of violence.

local | News

Portland Commissioners Push Back Mayor's Protest Restriction Plan

A hearing for an ordinance Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler introduced turned into a referendum on how the city has dealt with right-wing extremist groups.

local | Nation | News | History

Portland Mayor Wants More Power To Regulate Protests — And Needs Just 1 More Vote To Get It

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is introducing a controversial ordinance that would give him the power to dictate the location and length of protests. He might have the votes to pass it. 

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Portland Voters Pass Campaign Finance Limits

Portland voters have passed a campaign finance measure that limits large contributions in political campaigns and requires candidates in city elections to disclose their funders in advertisements.

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Portland Voters Elect Hardesty As 1st Woman Of Color To City Council

Portland voters elected civil rights activist Jo Ann Hardesty to fill the seat of retiring Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman. She is the first woman of color to serve on Portland City Council.

local | Election | News | Politics

'OPB Politics Now': It's Election Night, And We Have Winners

OPB's politics team breaks down the wins and losses in the 2018 midterm election in this special episode of "OPB Politics Now."

local | Election | News | Politics

Chloe Eudaly Has Portland Workers Getting Out The Vote — Is That Legal?

Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has invited city workers to go door to door Friday to encourage people to vote in parts of East Portland. Here's what you need to know about her plan. 

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Loretta Smith: A Record Of Accomplishment — And Conflict

Loretta Smith's considerable successes advocating for communities of color in Oregon have been overshadowed by questions about her spending and conflicts with her colleagues and staff. 

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Portland Police Give New Details About Armed Parking Garage Protesters

The Portland Police Bureau on Tuesday sought to clarify an Aug. 4 incident that involved officers discovering a group with a "cache" of firearms on top of a parking garage downtown during a protest.

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Portland Mayor Proposes Fast Track Regulations For Public Protests

In a press conference Monday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said he plans to introduce a policy — as early as this week— to respond to “escalating” street violence.

local | Election | News | Politics

US Rep. Earl Blumenauer Endorses Jo Ann Hardesty In Portland City Council Race

Portland City Council candidate Jo Ann Hardesty has snagged an endorsement from U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer.

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