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Courtney Flatt

Courtney Flatt began her journalism career at The Dallas Morning News as a neighbors editor. There, she also wrote articles for the Metro section, where she reported on community issues ranging from water security to the arts.

Courtney earned her master’s in convergence journalism at the University of Missouri and developed a love for radio and documentary film. As a producer at KBIA-FM she hosted a weekly business show, reported and produced talk shows on community and international issues. Her work took her from the unemployment lines, to a methamphetamine bust, to the tornado damage aftermath in Joplin, Mo.

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Recent Articles


Vote Expected Soon On Bill To Protect Snake River Dams

A vote is expected this week on a bill to leave the Snake River dams as they are. The bill is in response to a federal judge’s order to consider removing the dams to protect salmon.

Health | News | Environment | local

Health Officials Want You To Prepare For Wildfire Smoke Now

For some people with heart and lung problems, wildfire smoke can be especially unhealthy and sometimes deadly. Experts say people can prepare for smoky air by buying an air filtration system.

Animals | News | local | Environment | Fish & Wildlife

Captive-Raised Lambs Could Be The Best Thing To Happen To Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep aren’t doing that well. One big reason is pneumonia. But these animals are getting help from an unlikely place: a prison in eastern Washington.

local | News | Environment

A Butterfly Only Found In The Northwest Is Headed For Endangered Species List

The island marble butterfly can only be found on a small patch of land in Washington’s Puget Sound. The federal government wants to add it to the Endangered Species List.

local | News | Environment

Will These Sage Grouse Be ‘Nevermore’ With Egg-Stealing Ravens In Their Midst?

The West's greater sage grouse are in trouble  for all kinds of reasons. Researchers are starting to look into an unusual threat: predatory ravens.

Environment | Nation | News | Politics | Climate change | local

Oregon, Washington Sue EPA Head Over Alleged Clean Air Act Violations

The lawsuit, filed by 14 states, Chicago and Washington, D.C., says Pruitt is ignoring an Obama-era methane rule.

local | News | Environment

Study: It's Possible To Replace Snake River Dams With Renewable Energy

Lower Snake River dams could be replaced by a variety of renewable energy resources, according to a new study by the NW Energy Coalition.

Animals | News | Environment | local

Appeals Court Affirms Order For More Spill Over Dams To Help Columbia River Salmon

The federal government will have to spill more water over Columbia and Snake river dams starting Tuesday in an effort to help young salmon migrating to the ocean.

Environment | Flora and Fauna | News | Fish & Wildlife | Animals | local

Zinke Coming To Washington To Talk Grizzly Bear Recovery

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is heading to the North Cascades Friday to speak on reintroducing grizzly bears in that part of Washington.

local | News | Environment | Politics

Inslee Signs Nation's 1st Law Banning Food Packaging Chemicals

Washington will soon phase out nonstick chemicals in its food packaging. Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill into law Wednesday that will eventually restrict perfluorinated chemicals.

Animals | News | Environment | local

Olympic National Park Is 1 Of The Best Places To Bring Back Gray Wolves

One of the best places in the world to bring back gray wolves is right here in the Pacific Northwest, according to a new study. The wolves were wiped out in the early 1900s.

local | News | Climate change | Environment

Snowpack Has Drastically Declined In The West This Century

There’s a lot less snow in the West than there was a century ago. That’s according to new research that found dramatic declines in snowpack as the seasons get warmer.

local | News | Environment

Washington Could Be The 1st State To Ban Toxic Firefighting Foams

Washington lawmakers have agreed to ban firefighting foam that contains harmful chemicals that may cause health problems. Washington would be the first state instate that ban.

Animals | World | Environment | Education | Fish & Wildlife

Tracking Salmon Migration Through Music

Salmon researchers are turning to sound to learn more about the fish they're trying to understand.


Trump Budget Proposes Selling Off Bonneville Power Transmission Lines (Again)

The Trump administration wants to sell off publicly-owned utility transmission lines. The most recent budget proposal also suggests a move that could raise rates for BPA customers.


Washington 'Valve Turner' Activist Sentenced To Prison

A Washington climate activist is the first “valve turner” to go to prison for shutting off an oil pipeline. A group of Northwesterners coordinated a protest to stop Canadian oil from reaching the U.S.

local | News | Environment

Washington Could Use Taxes, Lawsuits To Oppose Offshore Drilling

Washington doesn’t want your offshore drilling. That was Gov. Jay Inslee’s resounding message at a press conference Monday, where he spoke out against a federal plan for offshore oil and gas drilling.

local | News | Environment | Energy

Washington Bill Would Ban Fracking For 10 Years

Washington is no hotbed for fracking and some lawmakers want to keep it that way. They’ve proposed a 10-year moratorium on fracking, something Oregon lawmakers also recently tried.


Cloud Seeding For Snow Actually Works, It Turns Out

Scientists are one step closer to making more snow fall during winter storms. The controversial process is called cloud seeding. There’s now evidence that it is actually working.

Fish & Wildlife | Renewable energy | Environment | Energy

Trump Eases Rules For Bird-Killing Wind Turbines, Power Lines

Most birds in the United States have been protected under federal law. But now, to benefit the energy industry, the Trump administration has made a major change to how the law is enforced.

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