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Courtney Flatt

Courtney Flatt began her journalism career at The Dallas Morning News as a neighbors editor. There, she also wrote articles for the Metro section, where she reported on community issues ranging from water security to the arts.

Courtney earned her master’s in convergence journalism at the University of Missouri and developed a love for radio and documentary film. As a producer at KBIA-FM she hosted a weekly business show, reported and produced talk shows on community and international issues. Her work took her from the unemployment lines, to a methamphetamine bust, to the tornado damage aftermath in Joplin, Mo.

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Grazing Restrictions Could Be Lifted On Some Of Oregon's Sage Grouse Habitat

The Trump administration wants to reduce restrictions for greater sage grouse across seven states. For the imperiled birds in Oregon, that means fewer grazing restrictions in some specific habitat.

Fish & Wildlife | Flora and Fauna | Environment | News | Animals | local

An Elusive Predator Will Return To The North Cascades

Washington's North Cascades will soon see the return of a small, weasel-like predator called the fisher. The carnivore has been successfully reintroduced in other parts of the state.

Nation | Politics | Environment | News | local

Conservationists Worried About House Vote To End Gray Wolf Protection

The U.S. House passed a bill that would end protections for gray wolves in the Lower 48 states. In the Northwest, that could mean protections fall to state agencies, which worries conservation groups.

Environment | News | local

These Bridges And Tunnels Save Animals' Lives — And Prevent Car Wrecks

If you’ve ever slammed on your brakes for a deer in the road, you know the heart-pumping feeling of a near miss. Northwest drivers are getting help navigating without putting wildlife at risk.

Animals | Environment | News | local

2 More Wolf Kills Authorized By Washington Officials

Washington officials have authorized the killing of wolves in two more of the state’s packs. Conservationists oppose the move. They say it could only worsen wolf-livestock conflicts.


Helicoptering In Logs For The Northwest's Largest River Restoration

It’s being called the biggest stream restoration ever in the Northwest. The Yakama Nation is using a helicopter to fly in more than 6,000 logs to create fish habitat in remote parts of Washington.

Fish & Wildlife | Environment | News | local

First Coho In 40 Years Return To Oregon's Lostine River

For the last 40 years, something has been missing from Oregon’s Lostine River: coho salmon. Now, 42 coho have made it to the waters in the last two weeks.

Agriculture | Environment | News | local | Business | Politics

Troubled Oregon Dairy Announces Shut Down

A troubled mega-dairy in Oregon has announced its plans to shut down. After racking up multiple environmental violations, the farm’s owner has been fired and a trustee wants to sell the property.

Climate change | Fish & Wildlife | Environment | News | Nation | Animals | local | Politics | Water

EPA Must Protect Salmon From Warming Waters, Judge Rules

A federal court ruled Wednesday that the Environmental Protection Agency must come up with a plan to protect salmon from warm water temperatures.

Climate change | Sustainability | Technology | Environment | News | Nation | local | Energy | Business | Politics

A Rare Political Common Ground: Rooftop Solar

Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, chances are you support rooftop solar. New research suggests there’s a reason why two groups that normally disagree on environmental issues both like solar.

Environment | News | local

To Save Orcas, Removing Snake River Dams May Not Be The Answer, Feds Say

Northwest killer whales are in need of more salmon. A growing chorus of people has called on removing or altering the Lower Snake River dams to increase salmon numbers and give the orcas more food.

Agriculture | Land | Fish & Wildlife | Environment | News | Animals | local | Land use

Public Lands Grazing Helps Ranchers, Sage Grouse, Study Says

Grazing restrictions on public lands may have unintended consequences for greater sage grouse, according to a recent study. The imperiled birds' habitat can be lost when ranching operations go under.

Climate change | Environment | News | local

New Flood Management Plans In The Works For The Chehalis River

Officials are proposing a new way to lower flood risks in Washington's second-largest river system. It's an area in southwestern Washington that has seen dramatic floods over the past 30 years.

Environment | News | local

Climate Change Hits National Parks Harder Than Rest Of US

Climate change is heating up national parks much faster than the rest of the U.S., according to a first-of-its-kind study that looked all 417 national parks, including those in the Pacific Northwest.

Recreation | Fish & Wildlife | Flora and Fauna | Environment | News | Animals

Wildlife Officials Conclude They Killed The Cougar Responsible For Hiker's Death

Oregon officials are ending the search for cougars in the Mount Hood area where a hiker was fatally attacked. They say all evidence shows they killed the correct cougar a week ago.

Environment | News | local

For Rural Communities, Wildfire Brings Economic Help, Hardships

Wildfire represents both risk and reward for some small communities in Washington. Walking the line between a "good fire" and a "bad fire" can be tricky.

Sustainability | Land | Environment | News | Forestry | Science | local | Politics

Learning To Live With Wildfire

The way we dealt with wildfire for much of the 20th century was mostly dead wrong. That, we've known for decades. So why do we keep getting it so wrong when it comes to living with wildfire?

Environment | News | local

A Dispute Is Brewing Over Mercury Air Pollution Along The Columbia River

A dispute is brewing between rival hazardous waste companies. One of those businesses is accusing the other of releasing mercury into the air, which is concerning to environmental groups and tribes.

Environment | News | local

Federal Officials Outline New Plan To Lower Wildfire Risk

Federal officials announced a new plan that's meant to help lower the risks of mega-fires. Northwest lawmakers are helping roll out the strategy to reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health.

Environment | Air | local

Breathing Wildfire Smoke Every Summer Could Have Long-Term Consequences

Wildfire smoke can be annoying — it can make your eyes water, your chest burn. And over time, breathing in all that smoke every summer can be bad for your health.

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