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David Steves is an editor with OPB's Science & Environment unit. Previously he was the founding editor of EarthFix, an environmental journalism collaboration led by Oregon Public Broadcasting in partnership with six other public media stations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. During its run from 2011-18, EarthFix and its journalists won a variety of honors for their radio, television and digital journalism, including Emmy, RTNDA/Murrow, Society of Professional Journalists, Online News Association, Society of Environmental Journalists and American Association for the Advancement of Science awards.

David previously worked as state capital bureau chief for the Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene. Before that, David worked at the Statesman Journal as a reporter, editor and columnist in Salem.

David earned a bachelor's degree at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

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Recent Articles

Environment | Water | News | local

Federal Judge Orders Stronger Cold-Water Fish Protections In Oregon Rivers

A federal judge has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to rewrite its pollution cleanup plans for Oregon rivers.

Environment | Water | News | local

Court Orders Oregon DEQ Action On Expired Water Quality Permits

A court order will require the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to start issuing water pollution permits for older ones that have expired, known as "zombie permits."

Forestry | local | Science | Politics | Land | News | Environment | Sustainability

Learning To Live With Wildfire

The way we dealt with wildfire for much of the 20th century was mostly dead wrong. That, we've known for decades. So why do we keep getting it so wrong when it comes to living with wildfire?

Environment | Fish & Wildlife | Pacific Ocean

West Coast Senators Add Voices To Request For Salmon Disaster Declaration

Four West Coast senators are calling on the Trump administration to declare a salmon fishery emergency and provide aid to economically struggling coastal communities.

Environment | Energy

BPA Cancels Controversial Transmission Line In SW Washington

A controversial high-voltage transmission line running from East Multnomah County to Southwest Washington has been canceled.

Environment | News | Energy | Nation | NW Life

Washington Supreme Court Orders Environmental Review For Coastal Oil Terminals

The Washington Supreme Court has ruled that two proposed oil and gas terminal projects in Grays Harbor cannot go forward without further environmental review.

Agriculture | Forestry | News | Business | Land | NW Life | Economy | Nation | Environment

Judge Halts Logging On State Forest In Oregon

A federal judge in Eugene has ordered a pair of Oregon timber companies not to log on a state forest near the south coast.

Environment | Forestry | News | Energy | Politics

Eastern Washington Rep. McMorris Rodgers Emerges As Trump's Interior Choice

Eastern Washington lawmaker Cathy McMorris Rodgers is emerging as President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to lead natural resources policy as interior secretary.

Forestry | local | Science | Health | Land | Air | Communities | Land use | News | Fish & Wildlife | Environment | Water | History

Battle Ready

The secret history of the U.S. military’s environmental legacy in the Northwest.

Environment | Water | Food | Fish & Wildlife

Washington's Fish Consumption Pollution Standards Win Partial Approval From EPA

People who eat fish from Washington state waters will be protected by a combination of new federal and state pollution rules.

Environment | Fish & Wildlife | Animals

Wolf-Kill Investigators, Conservation Group Offer Reward Money For Information

The government and a conservation group both are offering reward money for help find whoever killed a federally protected gray wolf in South-Central Oregon.

Environment | Oil Trains In The Northwest

County Panel Approves Rail Expansion In Columbia Gorge Despite Oil-Train Controversy

A county planning commission has given its approval to a rail expansion in the same stretch of the Columbia River Gorge where a Union Pacific oil train derailed and burst into flames.

Environment | Water

Nestle Water Bottling Plan Draws Protest — Even After It's Voted Down

Voters in the Columbia River Gorge approved a measure aimed at blocking Nestle from putting in a water bottling plant. But four months later, activists are still protesting.

Environment | Air | local | NW Life | News | Portland's Toxic Air Problem

Expanded Air Monitoring Detects Toxic Metals Around Precision Castparts

Southeast Portland air near a manufacturing plant run by Precision Castparts is polluted with unhealthy levels of the heavy metals nickel, hexavalent chromium and arsenic, according to the latest batch of air monitoring data.

Environment | Energy | Transportation | Climate change

Seattle Makes Strides In Reducing Its Carbon Footprint

Seattle's  greenhouse gas emissions fell by 6 percent over a  six-year period, according to a new report. It cautions that despite the progress,  the city is off the pace needed to reach 2030 carbon-cutting goals.

Environment | Water | Fish & Wildlife

Washington Asks Feds To Approve New Fish Consumption Standards

Washington environmental regulators will soon find out if their new water-quality rule is good enough for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Environment | Forestry

Oregon Comes Up With A Pricetag For Its Forest For Sale

Oregon's Elliott State Forest is worth $221 million, according to the Oregon Department of State Lands. That figure is based on a review process that included appraisals by three independent firms.

local | Technology | World | News | Nation | Environment | Sustainability

The Circuit: Tracking America's Electronic Waste

Our international undercover investigation reveals what really happens to America's discarded TVs, phones and computers.

Business | Environment | Fish & Wildlife

Oregon Kills 4 Wolves After Confirming Livestock Attacks

Oregon wildlife officials killed four wolves in northeastern Oregon Thursday after determining they are responsible for killing too many livestock.

Arts | Environment | Air | local | News | Portland's Toxic Air Problem

Bullseye Glass Takes Step To Add Air Pollution Filters

The artistic glass maker at the center of Portland’s toxic air pollution controversy is taking steps to control its emissions.

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