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Ericka Cruz Guevarra is a breaking news/general assignment reporter at OPB. She’s worked as an on-call interactive producer at KQED Public Radio in San Francisco and was KQED’s first Raul Ramirez Diversity Fund Intern. Ericka also worked with NPR’s Code Switch team where she assisted with production for the Code Switch Podcast. She’s an alumna of NPR’s Next Generation Radio project at KJZZ in Phoenix and graduated from San Francisco State University. Most importantly, she’s one of very few adults in the world who still enjoys bubblegum flavored ice cream.

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Wheeler Says PPB Improving Response To People In Mental Health Crises

The city has been under federal oversight after the Department of Justice found the police bureau engages in a pattern and practice of excessive use of force against people suffering from mental health issues.

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Opponents Say Portland Clean Energy Measure Could Cost More Than Originally Thought

Opponents of Portland’s gross receipts tax measure say the initiative could actually cost Portland residents more than initially expected. Proponents aren't buying it.


PSU Officers Shot Jason Washington After They Say He Pointed Gun At Them

The transcripts reveal for the first time the sequence of events from officers' perspective of the moments leading up to the death of 45-year-old Jason Washington on June 29.

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'We're Here For Justice:' Family Of Patrick Kimmons Join Protesters In Downtown Portland March

Protesters marched through downtown Portland for Patrick Kimmons, a 27-year-old black man who was shot and killed by Portland police on Sept. 30.

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Mother Of Army Veteran Who Died Of Drug Overdose In Clackamas County Jail Files Lawsuit

Medical staff and Clackamas County jail employees acted negligently toward a U.S. Army veteran in their custody who’d overdosed on methamphetamines and died, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court.

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PSU Board Of Trustees Face Mounting Pressure To Disarm Campus Officers

One after the other, Portland State University students, faculty and staff faced the universities' board of trustees while echoing demands to immediately disarm campus officers.

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Kavanaugh Hearing Spurs Impromptu 'Believe Survivors' Rally In Portland

Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing transfixed the nation — and women so angered they organized an impromptu rally the next day.

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TriMet Continues Fare Enforcement Activities After Circuit Court Judge Ruling

TriMet said it will continue its fare enforcement activities following a court decision last week ruling the agency’s practice of randomly stopping passengers without evidence of fare evasion is unconstitutional.

Lane County Sees 'Unusual' Spike In Heroin-Related Overdoses

In a three-day period last weekend, Lane County saw triple its average amount of drug overdoses. The county still doesn't know what exact drug is implicated.

Environment | local | News

A Year Later, Extinguished Eagle Creek Fire Still Prompting Closures At Multnomah Falls

The Multnomah Falls viewing platform is scheduled to close temporarily Tuesday as trees and remnants from the Eagle Creek Fire get cleared out.

News | Election | Politics

'OPB Politics Now: A Council Race, A Clean Energy Tax And A Housing Measure

OPB's senior political reporter Jeff Mapes is joined by OPB news director Anna Griffin and reporters Ericka Cruz Guevarra and Amelia Templeton.

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What You Need To Know About Portland Clean Energy Measure 26-201

Measure 26-201 would levy a 1 percent tax on revenue large retailers make in Portland to fund renewable energy projects and job training.

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PSU Police Shot At Jason Washington 17 Times, Report Says

Portland State University Police shot at Jason Washington 17 times, according to a medical examiner’s report released Wednesday.

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Police Report Shows Jason Washington Died Holding His Friend's Gun

Jason Washington was shot by police in June carrying a gun that wasn’t his, according to records released by the Portland Police Bureau on Friday.

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Body Camera Footage Shows Chaos, Quick End In PSU Shooting

Fewer than 30 seconds elapsed between the time Portland State University Police got out of their vehicle and the moment Jason Washington was shot and killed.


2 Portland State University Officers Cleared In Jason Washington Shooting

A grand jury has decided not to criminally charge two Portland State University campus police officers implicated in the first officer-involved shooting at the university.

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Judge Rules Against Trump Administration In Multnomah County Lawsuit

The ruling puts the brakes on the federal government's ability to distribute funding based on grant criteria that the county argued favored abstinence-only sex education programs.

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After $51M Tourism Loss To Wildfires, Oregon Wants Visitors To Come Back

Nearly $51 million in tourism revenue was lost in Oregon last year because of wildfires.

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Handful Of Detainees Released From Detention Center In Sheridan

Eight asylum-seekers have been released from detention at a federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, and more are expected to be released in the coming days. 

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For Homeless, Respite From Wildfire Smoke Isn't Always Accessible

The state’s top health agency has advised that the most effective way to limit exposure is to stay inside, but that's often not an option for houseless people seeking respite from unhealthy air.

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