Senior Political Reporter

Jeff Mapes

Jeff Mapes is a senior political reporter at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Previously, Jeff covered state and national politics for The Oregonian for nearly 32 years. He has covered numerous presidential, congressional, gubernatorial and ballot measure campaigns, as well as many sessions of the Legislature, stretching back to 1985.

Jeff graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in journalism.

An avid bike commuter, Jeff is the author of the 2009 book, "Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities."

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Recent Articles

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon Legislative Preview

The Oregon Legislature takes up a jam-packed agenda when it gets underway next week. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the major issues.

local | Politics | News | Forestry

West Coast Governors, Trump Argue Over Wildfire Prevention Efforts

President Donald Trump sets off a tweet storm over wildfire policy with the three West Coast governors.

local | Nation | News | Politics

Walden Breaks GOP Ranks To Vote For Bill To End Shutdown

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., says the fight over funding for a border wall doesn't need to spill over into unrelated government agencies in voting for a bill to end the shutdown.

local | News

Gov. Kate Brown Backs Tighter Drunk-Driving Limit In Oregon

The Oregon governor said she wants to help Senate President Peter Courtney pass legislation to lower the current .08 percent blood-alcohol limit to .05 percent.

Election | local | Nation | News | Politics

Sen. Jeff Merkley Raises Doubts About Running For President

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., says he now plans to decide whether to run for president by the end of March.

Environment | Politics | News | local

Agreement Reached To Protect Devil's Staircase, Other Oregon Wildernesses

The legislation, which appears headed to a vote in January, also includes provisions aimed at helping protect the Crooked River Ranch in Central Oregon from wildfire.

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'OPB Politics Now:' The Right To Privacy Vs. The Public’s Right To Know

In June, Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson announced he had brain cancer. Richardson has long been a fixture in Salem.

local | Nation | News | Politics

Oregon Likely To Gain Congressional Seat, Population Forecasts Confirm

Oregon is still on track to gain a sixth seat in the U.S. House, according elections experts studying new Census Bureau population estimates released Wednesday.

local | Politics | News

'OPB Politics Now:' Combating Sexual Harassment In Oregon, Washington Legislatures

Legislators in Oregon and Washington promise to clean up their act next year when it comes to combating sexual harassment in their own ranks.  

local | Nation | News | Politics

Oregon Rep. Schrader Continues To Oppose Pelosi's House Speaker Bid

Schrader has been critical of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership ever since Democrats lost control of the House in 2010, two years after he won Oregon’s 5th Congressional District seat.  

Environment | Politics | News | local

Farm Bill Contains Familiar Fight Over Wildfire Management

Congress passed a new Farm Bill on Wednesday that also contains several provisions aimed at reducing the severity of Western wildfires.

local | Politics | News

Merkley Has Options To Pursue Presidential, Senate Runs Simultaneously

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley is weighing a Democratic presidential race while keeping his options open to run for re-election if his presidential hopes flame out.


'OPB Politics Now:' Baseball, Tolling And A Day Of Reckoning

Major League Baseball might be coming to Portland. Tolling might be coming to Oregon freeways. And a day of reckoning might be coming to the state Legislature.

Nation | News | NW Life | Transportation

Portland Tolling Plan Sent To Federal Officials For Approval

The Oregon Transportation Commission unanimously approves a tolling plan that officials said probably couldn't take effect for several years.

local | Economy | News | Politics | Business

Here's 1 Small Oregon Pension Fix That Could Actually Be A Win-Win

In the flurry of ideas for paying down Oregon's $22 billion public pension debt, one proposal stands out as unusual. It’s far from a cure-all, though.

local | Economy | News | Politics

Business Leaders: Pension Reforms Must Be Part of 2019 Education Solution

At their yearly summit, some of the state's largest business interests offered a new vision for solving Oregon's fiscal woes. 


'OPB Politics Now:' Kate Brown’s $23.6 Billion Budget And A Looming Tax Hike

Oregon's economy is buzzing. Unemployment rates are low. Yet, the state of Oregon is facing a budget shortfall.

local | News | Transportation

Portland Tolling Plan Would Cover Downtown, Abernethy Bridge

Oregon transportation officials unveiled a proposal Thursday to eventually toll two stretches along Portland-area freeways.

local | Nation | News | Politics

Schrader Votes Against Pelosi For Speaker Despite Criticism In District

Rep. Kurt Schrader, whose district includes large parts of the Willamette Valley and the coast, is one of the leading opponents to Nancy Pelosi.

local | Politics | News

Oregon Unions Join Nike In New Push For Tax Package In Legislature

Oregon's major public employee unions join some key businesses, including Nike, in proposing a new approach to finding more revenue for schools and other state services.

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