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Oregon To Continue Running 6 Hatcheries Under Extension

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has extended by three months its agreement for the state to continue running Cole Rivers Hatchery on the Rogue River and five other Oregon hatcheries as the sides hash out new operating contracts to raise and release millions of salmon, steelhead and trout.

An image of juvenile salmon.

An image of juvenile salmon.


Facing a Friday expiration of its agreement with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Corps opted this week to keep ODFW staff on hand at Cole Rivers to maintain production of 2.8 million salmon, steelhead and trout bound for the Rogue Basin this year.

ODFW last week proposed a roughly $2 million annual agreement to run Cole Rivers with staffing levels and fish releases at status-quo, but the federal agency has not responded.

“We haven’t heard boo from the Corps” on the Cole Rivers proposal, said Scott Patterson, ODFW’s Fish Propagation Program leader.

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