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Oregon Lawmakers Considering Unusual Pact With Uber And Lyft

Trying to placate environmental groups over possible changes to the state’s “clean fuels” carbon-reduction program, Oregon lawmakers are considering an unusual pact with ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft in a proposed $8.2 billion transportation funding package.

Uber and Lyft are offering to tack on a 50-cent surcharge to every ride they provide in Oregon, with the money funding a $5 million-a-year rebate initiative for Oregonians to buy electric vehicles.

But in exchange, the two firms want to revive a bill that would let only the state — not individual Oregon cities — regulate them. That idea, highly unpopular with labor-friendly Democrats, died in the House earlier this session.

Some cities, including Eugene and Springfield, insist that ride-­hailing companies comply with local taxi-regulating ­ordinances. Uber and Lyft consider it costly and unnecessary to follow such local restrictions. Uber has declined to set up service in Eugene and Springfield, after failing in its challenge of the local rules.

Read more at The Register-Guard.

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