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Oregon Pesticide Fines Quadrupled In 2016

In May 2015, a worker at a Gresham nursery allowed pesticide spray to drift across a road and onto a home. Residents complained they were sickened by the spray, a mixture of four different pesticides.

In July 2015, the president of an Albany aerial spraying company used a plane to apply insecticide to a corn field in Eugene. The insecticide drifted onto a neighboring home, sheep pasture and onto a resident who had been working outside.

In August 2015, workers at a pear orchard near Hood River sprayed three pesticides onto about 30 acres of fruit trees. The pesticides later were detected in farmworkers’ residential areas.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture issued fines in connection with all three incidents in 2016, as well as seven more incidents where people, animals or property were harmed by drift from aerial or ground spraying or improper use of pesticides.

Read more at the Statesman Journal.

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