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Farm Bill Failure Worries Northwest Farmers With Crop Insurance

The U.S. House of Representatives recently failed to pass a farm bill and Northwest farmers are worried that the process is not plowing ahead.

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Pacific Northwest Sweet Cherry Forecast Is Down

The Pacific Northwest growers expect a 20.4 million-box sweet cherry crop this season. That’s down 22.7 percent from last year’s record 26.4 million, 20-pound boxes.

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Missouri May Be 1st State To Get Serious About The Definition Of Meat

A bill that awaits a signature by the state's governor would restrict "meat" labeling on anything that doesn't come from livestock or poultry. The topic is also being considered at the federal level.

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Oregon Lawmakers Mull Preventing 'Too Big To Fail' Livestock Operations

Regulatory problems facing a controversial Oregon dairy have raised questions among lawmakers about avoiding "too big to fail" livestock operations in the future.

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Environmental, Animal Groups Ask To Shut Down Oregon Mega-Dairy

Environmental and animal welfare groups sent a letter to Oregon officials, asking them to shut down a controversial mega-dairy.

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Owner Of Controversial Oregon Dairy Seeks Sale

Roughly 8,750 milk and dry cows and 3,380 heifers would be listed for $14 million under the proposed agreement with Schuil & Associates, a brokerage firm specializing in agriculture in Visalia, California.

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Commercial Solar Arrays On Farmland Cropping Up Bountifully — And Stirring Opposition

From the Willamette Valley to the Kittitas Valley and east to Idaho, energy developers are implementing commercial solar arrays. But a surge in utility-scale solar farm applications is generating pushback.

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This Small Oregon Town Has Prepped An Army To Stop Mormon Cricket Invasion

It was about this time last year when hordes of hissing, cannibalistic Mormon crickets began swarming the small town of Arlington, Ore., devouring local crops.

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How Do You Want Your Smoke?

There’s broad agreement that fire plays a vital role in forest ecology in the West. Many of our problems with severe wildfires can be traced, at least in part, to a century of putting fires out, rather than letting them clean up excess forest fuels.

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NW Tribes Bringing Traditional Wildfires Back To Their Lands

Tribes across the West are trying to restore their forests and grasslands to the way they were before white settlers arrived. Their goal is to return traditional foods like roots, huckleberries and big game.

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