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Portland, FBI Met This Month To Discuss Withdrawal From Terrorism Task Force

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler held talks with the FBI this month to discuss how to handle the city’s withdrawal from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, public records released by the mayor’s office show.

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'Smoke Refugees' Could Get Disaster Aid

Local health officials said they support a new bill by U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden that would allow Southern Oregonians to have their hotel stays covered when they flee wildfire smoke.

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PPS Clears The Air For New Middle School At Harriet Tubman Building

As Portland school officials toured Harriet Tubman Middle School, they marveled at the new science labs, a dance studio and the air handler.

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Cancels Popular Green Show

Hazardous smoke from wildfires has cost the Oregon Shakespeare Festival about $2 million in losses so far and has prompted the festival to cancel its Green Show performances for the rest of the season.

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For Homeless, Respite From Wildfire Smoke Isn't Always Accessible

The state’s top health agency has advised that the most effective way to limit exposure is to stay inside, but that's often not an option for houseless people seeking respite from unhealthy air.

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2 Companies Argue Over Toxic Pollution In Colombia River Gorge

Two competing companies that handle hazardous waste are arguing over how much toxic pollution is being dumped into the Columbia River Gorge's air by a hazardous waste operation in Eastern Oregon.

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New Air Quality App Maps Oregon Wildfire Smoke Dangers

The free OregonAir app uses smiling or frowning face emojis to quickly show air quality across the state.

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Breathing Wildfire Smoke Every Summer Could Have Long-Term Consequences

Wildfire smoke can be annoying — it can make your eyes water, your chest burn. And over time, breathing in all that smoke every summer can be bad for your health.

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White House Proposal Rolls Back Fuel Economy Standards, No Exception For California

Government agencies have released a proposal to freeze fuel economy and emissions requirements for six years. The proposed rules would also block California from setting its own, higher standards.

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Efforts To Reduce Wildfire Risk Fall Short, Buck Science

The West is way behind on reducing the buildup of hazardous fuels we created. And much of the work we do to reduce those fuels is missing the key ingredient: fire.

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