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Meet The Fearless Cook Who Secretly Fed — And Funded — The Civil Rights Movement

Georgia Gilmore organized black women to cook without raising the suspicions of their white employers, and poured the proceeds into an alternative transportation system for Montgomery bus boycotters.

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With Greater Economic Strength, India Believes Its 'Time Has Come'

"I don't think India wants to be a formal U.S. ally," says Alyssa Ayres, author of Our Time Has Come: How India Is Making Its Place in the World. "It sees alliance relationships as too constraining."

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Fitness Superstar Shaun T: Keys To Workout Motivation Include Fun — And Selfishness

After a rough childhood and later dealing with his own weight problem, Shaun T eventually found success as a workout video guru. He says it's important to have fun and focus on yourself for a change.

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Author Of The Other 'Fire And Fury' Book Says Business Is Booming

Historian and author Randall Hansen's book, Fire And Fury: The Allied Bombing Of Germany 1942-1945, has been mistaken by buyers for the Michael Wolff's Trump exposé and selling out.

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Man As God: 'Frankenstein' Turns 200

Mary Shelley cautioned us of the dangers of extending science into realms where we have little control of the outcomes; may we all read her tale — and take in its lessons, says Marcelo Gleiser.

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Trump Exposé Has Plenty Of 'Fire And Fury,' Maybe A Little Less Substance

Michael Wolff's incendiary new book about the first year of Donald Trump's presidency has plenty of juicy detail about chaos, infighting and cheeseburgers — but it's best read with a grain of salt.

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What History And Fiction Teach Us About Women And Power

Psychologist Tania Lombrozo considers two books: In one, we learn what ancient Greece can tell us about Twitter trolls and, in the other, we're shown a world in which women have power over men.

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Star 'Treknology': Imagining The Future Into Being

From its first appearance, Star Trek has always been hopeful about the relationship between society and technology. Ethan Siegel doesn't lose sight of this in his book, Treknology, says Adam Frank.

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'I'm Not A Hit Man,' Michael Wolff Tells NPR About His Controversial Trump Book

The book that created a rift between President Trump and his former campaign chief executive and adviser Steve Bannon hit the shelves Friday morning, ahead of the original Tuesday release date, despite the president's threat to block its publication.

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'Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics' Offers Practical Advice For Stressed-Out Cynics

Trying to reduce anxiety and stress in 2018? If the idea of meditation makes you want to toss your coffee cup across the room, ABC News anchor Dan Harris offers some advice in his new book.

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