Dark Horse Entertainment's Founder On The Future Of Comic Books


Oregon-based Dark Horse Entertainment recently announced a major global partnership with a Chinese investment firm to finance new film production and expand into Asian markets. 

Here's 1 Small Oregon Pension Fix That Could Actually Be A Win-Win


In the flurry of ideas for paying down Oregon's $22 billion public pension debt, one proposal stands out as unusual. It’s far from a cure-all, though.

Gov. Kate Brown Quietly Balances Budget With Increase To 'Minimum' Business Tax


The governor's recommended budget would ensure that some of Oregon's largest companies pay more than is currently required. 

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Proposed Liquor Tax Tucked Away In Gov. Kate Brown's Budget

A proposed 5 percent increase to liquor prices caught Oregon distillers by surprise.

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Affordable Housing Project To Push Bend's Growth Boundary

With a booming population and scant affordable housing, Bend is bypassing the usual land use process to push to the East.

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Oregon Tax Collections Keep Exceeding Expectations; Kicker Likely

Analysts caution they don't know exactly why tax returns have been so robust, but they expect Oregonians will see a big kicker. 

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Big Changes Coming To Portland Schools' Land, Even Without Baseball

Major League Baseball isn't coming to the home of Oregon's largest school district. But big, radical change is still coming to this part of Portland — and that could mean a windfall for the district. 

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Leaky Dam Repairs WIll Temporarily Lower Bend's Mirror Pond

Pacific Power says refacing the century-old dam in steel will create a mud flat around Bend's central pond for two weeks.

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Portland Voters Pass Campaign Finance Limits

Portland voters have passed a campaign finance measure that limits large contributions in political campaigns and requires candidates in city elections to disclose their funders in advertisements.

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Portlanders Pass Measure To Create Clean Energy Fund

Portland voters on Tuesday passed a gross receipts tax measure that will pay into a clean energy fund, which proponents say will help the city chip away at its clean energy goals.

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Oregon Voters Defeat Measure That Sought Make It Harder To Raise Taxes

The fight over the rules for when Oregon legislative supermajority votes are required is of intense interest to lawmakers and lobbyists in Salem.

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Grocery Tax Opponents Try To Piggyback On Less Contentious Measure

Measure 103 could be in trouble. Its proponents are sending mailers attaching it to a measure more likely to pass. 

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Brown, Buehler Take Divergent Stands On Oregon's Financially Troubled Pension System

Republican Knute Buehler calls for major changes to public pension benefits in Oregon while Democratic incumbent Gov. Kate Brown calls that unfair to government workers.

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