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Climate Change Could Make Beer Prices Double, Study Says

The price of a six-pack in the U.S. could rise by $1 to $8 because of drought and heat. As one of the researchers says, it's "another way climate change will suck."

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'Historic' Wildland Fire Funding Request Goes To Washington's Legislature

Washington Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz is asking the state legislature to nearly double funding to manage and respond to wildfire.

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After Hurricane Michael Carved Through Florida Panhandle, Recovery Work Begins

The city of Tallahassee, known for its extensive tree canopy, says "thousands of trees are down." The hurricane destroyed buildings and swamped homes along the coast, before drenching inland areas.

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'Incredibly Dangerous' Hurricane Michael Nears Florida, With 145-MPH Winds

Forecasters say Hurricane Michael will be the strongest storm to hit the Panhandle since records were first kept in 1851. It has rapidly intensified since the weekend.

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Grim Forecast From UN On Global Climate Change

A scientific panel, convened by the U.N., lays out a challenging path to keep the global climate from warming more than 1.5 degrees Celsius — the red line for dangerous consequences.

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Gov. Kate Brown Wants Environmental Rules Upheld In Oregon When Feds Roll Them Back

If passed, the Oregon Environmental Protection Act would solidify a statewide policy opposing environmental deregulation.

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New Flood Management Plans In The Works For The Chehalis River

Officials are proposing a new way to lower flood risks in Washington's second-largest river system. It's an area in southwestern Washington that has seen dramatic floods over the past 30 years.

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Yakima Valley Farmers Fight For The Future Of A Cascades Lake

Climate change is forcing us to rethink how we use lakes as water reservoirs. That's creating conflict between east-of-the-Cascades farmers and recreation-seekers from the urban westside.

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Hurricane Watch Issued For Carolinas Ahead Of Category 4 Florence

If it makes landfall as predicted, Florence could become the northern-most Category 4 hurricane to hit the U.S. since records were first kept in 1851.

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Climate Change Drives Bigger, Wetter Storms — Storms Like Florence

Hurricane Florence — large, slow and full of moisture — is threatening to inundate the Southeast. It's a type of storm that's getting more likely to form.

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