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Canadian Crude Oil Is Going By Rail To Portland Before Shipping Off To Asia

Canadian oil has found a new route to Asia: It’s moving by rail through Washington to a shipping terminal in Portland.

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Pacific Heat Wave Known As 'The Blob' Appears To Be In Retreat

The Pacific Ocean is finally starting to cool down after several years of unusually warm water parked off Washington, Oregon and California.

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Sunriver Seeks Wildfire Preparedness While Also Protecting The Natural World

Commitment to natural beauty runs deep in Sunriver. But while this ethos has attracted people to the community from across the country, it may mean that wildfires always will be a growing risk, especially as fire seasons get longer and hotter.

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Another Drought Year Promises To Test Klamath Basin

With a drought on the horizon, the Klamath Basin prepares for the worst.

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'Climate Kids' Lawsuit Against US Government Cleared For Trial

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the government’s request for an order that would have directed a judge to dismiss a climate lawsuit filed by 21 youths ages 10 to 21.

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New Report Predicts Rising Tides, More Flooding

The report, obtained by NPR, shows that so-called "sunny-day flooding" may be a regular occurrence in some areas.

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Oregon Climate Policy Could Get Another Chance Next Year

Supporters of Oregon’s cap and trade bill say their plan isn’t dead yet – even though lawmakers failed to pass it this session.

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Oregon Lawmakers Look To 2019 To Cap Greenhouse Gasses

After failing to address the solution in the 2018 short session, capping carbon emissions will be a priority for the long 2019 legislative session, Oregon Senate leaders said Saturday.

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Snowpack Has Drastically Declined In The West This Century

There’s a lot less snow in the West than there was a century ago. That’s according to new research that found dramatic declines in snowpack as the seasons get warmer.

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With Less Snow, Can Snowshoe Hares Adapt Quick Enough To Avoid Predators?

In a future with less snow cover, survival for Northwest mammals who turn white in the winter could depend on staying brown all year long.

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