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'OPB Politics Now': Ted Wheeler's Big Problem

No issue has plagued Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler like homelessness.

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Wooden High-Rise Project In Downtown Portland On Hold

Plans for a wooden high-rise in downtown Portland are no more.  

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Self-Driving Bikes: The Next Transit Revolution?

What does your future commute look like? Will you be taking a self-driving car, a solo-wheel, the hyperloop? What about a self-driving bike?

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Fence Surrounding Portland's ICE Building Not Built To Code, City Says

Federal officials built the structure to keep out protesters. But they didn't get permits. 

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Protester Scales Statue of Liberty's Base, Forces Evacuation

A woman protesting U.S. immigration policy climbed the Statue of Liberty's base and forced the monument's evacuation on the Fourth of July hours after several other demonstrators had hung a banner on the statue's pedestal and had been arrested.

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Immigration Attorneys Say Access To Detainees Still A Problem

Immigration attorneys told a federal judge at a hearing Monday that visiting immigrant detainees at a federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, is still a challenge.

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Oregon Finalizes Farmworker Pesticide Protection Standards

New state rules offer greater protections for farmworkers than federal standards.

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Oregon Wildfires: Boxcar Fire Grows To 10,000 Acres, Evacuation Issued For Maupin

The largest wildfire of the young season grew to 10,000 acres Friday morning in Central Oregon. 

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ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over Access To ICE Detainees In Oregon

The ACLU of Oregon sued the Trump Administration, arguing that attorneys have not been able to meet with 121 immigration detainees housed at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon.

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Gray Wolves Could Lose Protections As 'Endangered' Status Reconsidered

A new status review of endangered gray wolves could lead to reduced protections. 

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