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Report Quantifies Mistrust Of The Portland Police Bureau

A report released by the Portland Police Bureau found 71 percent of community members only trust the police somewhat, a little or not at all – and that lack of trust is much higher in communities of color.

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Douglas County Still Getting Electricity Restored After Winter Storm

At the peak of the area outage that started late last month, more than 9,000 Douglas Electric Cooperative members were without power.

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New Council Will Advise Gov. Kate Brown On Improving Oregon's Wildfire Response

Oregon's new Wildfire Response Council will make recommendations to the governor this fall on how the state can improve its approach to wildfire.

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Has Tennessee Solved Oregon's Foster Care Crisis?

The Oregon child welfare system is in crisis. But now there's some optimism that a shift in mentality — and resources — could help alleviate some of the state’s troubles. Tennessee offers hope. 

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Big Crowd Turns Out In Portland For Youth Climate Action Rally

Portland students joined the worldwide demonstration Friday to call on leaders to do something about climate change.

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Oregon Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Nullify Warm Springs Treaty Of 1865

Federal lawmakers say the U.S. defrauded the Tribes 154 years ago, illegally revoking hunting and fishing rights off-reservation.

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'OPB Politics Now:' Portland’s Attempt At Housing Development And A Highway Expansion

Portland is changing—and it’s fighting about how it changes every step of the way.

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Southern Oregon Residents Are Wary About An Energy-Storing Lake

If approved and built, the Swan Lake North pumped hydro storage project in southern Oregon would be the largest energy storage project in the Pacific Northwest.

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Fisheries Managers Face Mixed Forecast For Northwest Salmon, Concerns Over Endangered Orca

Northwest chinook salmon fisheries may eventually be adjusted to ensure there’s enough fish in the ocean for endangered orcas.

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Timber Industry Challenge To Cascade-Siskiyou Monument Expansion Gets Day In Court

With no word from the Trump administration on the fate of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, an industry lawsuit moves forward.

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