Oregon May Not Actually Face Budget Hole From Federal Tax Changes


A new Oregon economic forecast is changing the politics of taxation at the state Legislature.

How A Grassroots Effort In Vancouver Fought Big Oil — And Won


Opposition to fossil fuel ventures is common on the West Coast, but what sets Vancouver apart is the community’s ability to keep up the pressure for years.

Gov. Brown Focuses On Oregon Economy In State Of State Address


Gov. Brown said Oregon is in the midst of an economic recovery, but that too many people are still struggling in the state.

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Federal Tax Cut Leaves Oregon With Its Own Budget Hole

If state legislators don't act in the next session, Oregon faces a budget hole of around $200 million because of the federal tax cut.

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People Are Leaving John Day. Housing Shortage May Be Part Of The Problem

Oregon as a whole may be one of the fastest growing states in the nation, but the opposite is true for many rural communities.

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Fritz: Open Spaces Could Help Portland Expand Its Building Potential

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz is proposing a change to the Central City Plan that she says would give developers a cost-effective way to contribute to the city’s affordable housing stock.

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Oregon Measure 101: What You Need To Know

A quick user guide to Oregon Measure 101, the health care provider tax. Ballots are due Tuesday, Jan. 23 by 8 p.m.

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Q&A: How A Federal Government Shutdown Affects The Northwest

A partial federal shutdown hits thousands of workers in Oregon — and affects people seeking help on issues ranging from a tax dispute with the IRS to their Social Security benefits.

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In Pacific NW, Lack Of Clarity Looms After Sessions' Cannabis Decision

The prosecutors Sessions has tasked with deciding what that regulation will look like for the region's marijuana industry haven't said much about how they plan to interpret and execute those laws.

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Scientists To Monitor Seattle's Soda Tax Starting Jan. 1

Seattle’s new soda tax goes into effect Jan. 1. And scientists in Seattle will be measuring how it works — in real time.

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'OregonSaves' Opens To Smaller Businesses

A state project to get more Oregonians saving for retirement is being so well received it’s being opened up to smaller employers.

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Breaking Down The Regulatory Differences Among West Coast Cannabis Markets

With California joining the growing list of states with legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, let's break down the differences in how West Coast states regulate their industries.

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Oregon House Members Divide Along Partisan Lines On Tax Vote

While Democrats worried about the impact of the House bill on Oregon, Republican Greg Walden says he is convinced it will spur the economy.

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