Oregon’s Public Universities Contemplate Tuition Increases


Oregon’s public universities are looking at one major way they can stay solvent – tuition increases. But one Oregon university voted this week to keep that tuition increase minimal.

Kotek, Courtney Working Up A PERS Plan Of Their Own


The House speaker said Monday that a plan released by Gov. Kate Brown last week doesn't do enough to protect all public employers in Oregon from ballooning pension payments.

Vancouver-Based Papa Murphy's Bought By Canadian Company


Papa Murphy's was acquired by MTY Food Group. MTY also owns restaurants like Taco Time, Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry.

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Willamette Falls Trust Receives $7 Million Donation For Riverwalk Project

The project, which will create public access to the iconic Oregon City waterfall, is slated to break ground next year.

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Once Quiet, The Debate Over Higher Oregon Tobacco Taxes Lights Up

In the first hearing on a package of tobacco tax bills, opponents warned of layoffs and shuttered businesses. Tax supporters touted health outcomes.

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Oregon Considers Cigarette Tax Hike To Match Neighbors — And Fund Health Care

The proposal is a major feature of Gov. Kate Brown's plan for funding the state's Medicaid program. It could also lead to a rematch of a 2007 ballot measure. 

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Portland’s Proposed Rental Screening Rules: 3 Perspectives

Portland City Council heard public testimony on a proposal to increase the regulation of the screening process and other aspects of renting. We highlight three different perspectives on the ordinance.

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Oregon Warns Medical Cannabis Growers: Report Or Face Fines

Oregon is warning medical cannabis growers that if they don’t report their inventories, they could face stiff fines.

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Metro Chair Lynn Peterson Says I-5 Rose Quarter Project Needs To Help Revitalize Nearby Area

Metro Chair Lynn Peterson joins with the Albina Vision Trust in pushing for major changes to Interstate 5 improvement project in Rose Quarter area of Portland.

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Portland Considers Helping Tenants With Criminal Histories

This week the Portland City Council debates changing how landlords can screen their tenants. One major component: Make it harder for landlords to reject applications based on past criminal convictions.

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Oregon Campaign Finance Reformers Focus On 'Dark Money'

Would-be campaign finance reformers in Oregon say they want to tighten disclosure requirements for nonprofits that run advertising targeting candidates.

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Conflict To Collaboration: Central Oregon Irrigators Celebrate With Diverse Group

Delivering water in a pipe isn’t a radical idea. Unless you’re talking about modernizing irrigation in Central Oregon.

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Oregon Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Nullify Warm Springs Treaty Of 1865

Federal lawmakers say the U.S. defrauded the Tribes 154 years ago, illegally revoking hunting and fishing rights off-reservation.

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