Multnomah County Accepts 1st Non-Binary Candidate Application


It's a move that could lead to statewide changes in how applicants identify on official filing documents. 

Greg Walden Says 'Bring The Fight On' As He Looks To Midterms


Oregon Rep. Greg Walden said at the 2018 Freedom Rally in Portland he feels he's a "target" in this year's midterm election. "Bring the fight on," he said.

Oregon Voters Approve Measure 101


Oregon voters overwhelmingly approved a package of health care taxes Tuesday to ensure low-income Oregonians will keep their health coverage.

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If Measure 101 Fails, Cuts Could Range From Health Care To Schools

If Measure 101 fails, it will be up to legislators in February to decide how to come up with up to $320 million to protect health care for more than a million Oregonians.

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Meet Julie Parrish, The Architect Of Oregon Measure 101

Oregonians will vote on health care taxes that raise millions for the state’s neediest citizens. Rep. Julie Parrish, a state lawmaker who was once a Medicaid recipient herself, is the reason why.

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'OPB Politics Now': Understanding Measure 101

We explain what Measure 101 would do and dig into what opponents and proponents are saying ahead of the Jan. 23 vote.

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Oregon Measure 101: How Did We Get Here?

Measure 101 asks one seemingly simple question: Do you agree with the way the Oregon Legislature wants to fund Medicaid? The answer is anything but simple.

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Commissioner Wants Public Hearing On Multnomah County Election Rules

Multnomah County Commissioner Lori Stegman wants her board to clarify when commissioners need to resign before seeking another elected office.

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Bend Leaders Approve Elected Mayor But Reject Ward System

All seven of the city councilors are in favor of a citizen-elected mayor, but they disagreed on some of the details about how to put the issue to voters.

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'OPB Politics Now': Election Wrap-Up

We break down the most important election results in Oregon and Washington.

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Vancouver Elects Its 1st Ever Female Mayor

Anne McEnerny-Ogle will be the first female mayor in Vancouver’s 160-year history.

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Don Orange Wins Vancouver Port Race In Referendum On Oil Terminal

Don Orange will be the next Port of Vancouver commissioner. His victory is likely a death knell for a massive oil terminal that's been proposed at the port for years.

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Vancouver Port Race Prompts Lawmakers To Seek Contribution Limits

A race for a seat on the Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners has prompted lawmakers to consider legislation that could limit contributions for future elections.

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