'OPB Politics Now': Election Wrap-Up


We break down the most important election results in Oregon and Washington.

Vancouver Elects Its 1st Ever Female Mayor


Anne McEnerny-Ogle will be the first female mayor in Vancouver’s 160-year history.

Don Orange Wins Vancouver Port Race In Referendum On Oil Terminal


Don Orange will be the next Port of Vancouver commissioner. His victory is likely a death knell for a massive oil terminal that's been proposed at the port for years.

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Vancouver Port Race Prompts Lawmakers To Seek Contribution Limits

A race for a seat on the Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners has prompted lawmakers to consider legislation that could limit contributions for future elections.

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When Big Money Lands In A Small Vancouver Election

Voting is underway for residents in Vancouver. And one local race has caught people’s attention — a nearly $1 million contest for a seat on the Port of Vancouver board.

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Sherwood Voters Oust 2 Council Members In Recall Election

Voters in the Portland suburb of Sherwood have voted overwhelmingly to remove two city council members from office.

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Vancouver Port Commissioner Race On Pace To Hit $1 Million

A race for a commissioner seat with the Port of Vancouver is proving to be one of the most expensive port races in recent history. So far, both candidates have raised just under $1 million.

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Vancouver Port Race Turns Personal As Candidate Files Protection Order

Port of Vancouver candidate Kris Greene has filed a temporary protection order from harassment against his former campaign strategist and volunteer.

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Referendum Could Put Health Care Of 350K Oregonians In Jeopardy, Group Says

Opponents of a recent Oregon bill to fund health care through a new tax submitted signatures Thursday to get a referendum against the tax on the ballot.

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Oil Terminal Backers Give Big To Vancouver Port Candidate

The company proposing to build the nation’s largest oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver just donated $150,000 to port commissioner candidate Kris Greene.  

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Russian Hackers Attempted To Access Oregon Voter Information In 2016

The Department of Homeland Security informed Oregon officials Friday that Russian hackers attempted to access voter information during the 2016 election.

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Oregon Secretary Of State Wants Earlier Presidential Primary

Oregon would hold its 2020 presidential primary earlier in the year if Secretary of State Dennis Richardson gets his way.

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Phil Knight Donates Half-Million To Knute Buehler's Campaign

Nike co-founder Phil Knight made his largest ever donation to an Oregon political race this week.

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