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Hot Weather Spells Trouble For Nuclear Power Plants In Europe

Multiple nuclear power facilities in Europe have reduced their electricity production because seawater, which is used to keep the reactors cool, has been warmer than usual.

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California Company Reaches $119.5 Million Settlement Over Massive Gas Leak

For months, starting in late 2015, a gas leak in Los Angeles spewed methane into the air. The Southern California Gas Company has agreed to reimburse local governments and mitigate the damage.

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Germany Bulldozes Old Villages For Coal Despite Lower Emissions Goals

Angela Merkel was dubbed Germany's "climate chancellor" for ditching nuclear power. But centuries-old villages are being bulldozed to make way for open-pit brown coal mines.

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White House Proposal Rolls Back Fuel Economy Standards, No Exception For California

Government agencies have released a proposal to freeze fuel economy and emissions requirements for six years. The proposed rules would also block California from setting its own, higher standards.

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2020 Talk Includes Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, A Key Trump Foe

Even though he won't talk about his 2020 ambitions — other than not ruling out a potential run for a third term as governor — many others are, fueled by TV appearances and speeches in Iowa and Florida.

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Court Decision Means Portland Can Sharply Restrict Fossil Fuel Terminal Expansion

The Oregon Supreme Court declined to review an Oregon Court of Appeals decision that upheld Portland's constitutional right to enact an ordinance barring new or significantly expanded fossil fuel terminals.

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WATCH: Building A Probe That Will Survive A Trip To The Sun

The sun is responsible for all life on Earth, but we still have a lot to learn about it. So this summer, NASA is sending the Parker Solar Probe closer to the sun than we have ever been before.

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Climate Activists Protest Banks Backing Jordan Cove

Activists bring their campaign against a southern Oregon fossil fuel pipeline project to Portland.

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Columbia River Treaty Negotiators Ask For Patience Ahead Of Further Talks

The 54-year-old treaty provides flood protection to Portland and smoothes out Northwest hydropower production.

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Meet The Man With A Nuclear Reactor In His Basement

In the basement of a house on a quiet residential street in a suburb just outside of Seattle resides the ultimate home science experiment — a nuclear fusion reactor.

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