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Washington Utility Eager To Branch Into Hydrogen Fuel Production

It would be the first of a group of power companies in the Pacific Northwest to use their dams to make "renewable hydrogen."

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Chevron To Expand In Permian Basin, Acquiring Anadarko Petroleum For $33 Billion

Anadarko, an oil and gas production and exploration company, has assets in Mozambique, the Gulf of Mexico and, significantly, in Texas — where multinationals are doubling down on the Permian boom.

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New Mexico Is Divided Over The 'Perfect Site' To Store Nation's Nuclear Waste

A private company wants to store high-level nuclear waste in a rural corner of New Mexico. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering the proposal, but local support may be a challenge.

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Interior Secretary Nominee Gets Grilled On Ethics At Confirmation Hearing

David Bernhardt, President Trump's pick to lead the Department of Interior, made his case before a key Senate panel on Thursday. He faced hard questions about his background as an energy lobbyist.

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Trump Signs Executive Orders In Push To Make It Easier To Build Oil And Gas Pipelines

President Trump issues two executive orders that would make it harder for states to block companies from building oil and gas pipeline projects.

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In Alaska, Shrinking Oil Revenues May Mean Severe Cutbacks To State Ferry System

For decades, Alaska has collected enough revenue from the oil industry to run government and pay each resident a cash dividend. Now, with oil revenue dwindling, there isn't enough money for both.

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Tar Sands Crude Shipments Quietly Increased In Oregon, With Regulators In the Dark

Oregon's attempts to regulate a Portland-area oil terminal show how ill-informed and ill-prepared the state’s oil spill responders can be under the state’s current regulations for oil by rail.

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Electric Cars Hit Record In Norway, Making Up Nearly 60 Percent Of Sales In March

Tesla's Model 3 is giving a jolt to Norway's car market. Also in play: Norway's lucrative incentives for owners of electric vehicles.

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Building For An Uncertain Future: Miami Residents Adapt To The Changing Climate

In Miami, the effects of global warming are not hypothetical predictions but realities of everyday life, prompting change by government, businesses and individuals alike.

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Controversial Southern Oregon Energy Project Clears Big Hurdle

The Jordan Cove project would pipe natural gas from Klamath County near the California border, more than 200 miles to a new liquefied natural gas export facility in Coos Bay on the Oregon coast.

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