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The Puzzle Of Quantum Reality

Despite the incredibly accurate predictions of quantum theory, there's a lot of disagreement over what it says about reality — or even whether it says anything at all about it, says guest Adam Becker.

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Safety Of Hanford Steel Questioned By Department Of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy wants to know exactly what grade of steel is being used in a massive radioactive waste treatment plant at the decommissioned nuclear site. 

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Canadian Crude Oil Is Going By Rail To Portland Before Shipping Off To Asia

Canadian oil has found a new route to Asia: It’s moving by rail through Washington to a shipping terminal in Portland.

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'Keep It In The Ground' Activists Optimistic Despite Oil Boom

The U.S. is producing more oil than ever, even as calls to leave all fossil fuels in the ground grow louder. Now the "keep it in the ground" movement is taking its fight to the heart of oil country.

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Millions Own Gas And Oil Under Their Land. Here's Why Only Some Strike It Rich

Gas and oil companies pay royalties to millions of American landowners. But a growing number accuse energy companies of cheating them out of their fair share.

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America's Oil Boom Is Fueled By A Tech Boom

The U.S. is on track to become the world's biggest oil producer. Technology advances and automation mean this can happen with fewer workers than during the last boom.

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This Solar Startup Spent Big, Then Left Customers In Limbo

Legend Solar was a rising star in the green energy industry. But now, customers say the company took money for solar panels that were never delivered. 

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Zinke To WA Lawmaker: West Coast Lacks 'Resources Of Any Weight' For Offshore Drilling

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told a Washington state lawmaker that his proposal for offshore oil and gas drilling will have the "interests of Washington" reflected in that plan.

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Tough Talk As Oklahoma's Wind Industry Becomes A Political Target

Though the wind industry was once a political darling in the state, some say Oklahoma can no longer afford the tax breaks that helped it thrive.

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Richland Nuclear Power Plant Under Extra Federal Scrutiny

The Tri-City Herald reports the Columbia Generating Station failed to be removed from the 2018 list of plants requiring increased oversight by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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