Oregon Cuts Nearly 1 Million Tons Of Carbon Pollution From Its Fuel Supply


Gas prices are up this Memorial Day weekend, but in Oregon the carbon emissions per gallon of fuel are down, according to a new report.

Landowner Aims To Bring Wolves Back To Scotland, Centuries After They Were Wiped Out


The proposal to reintroduce wolves to the Scottish Highlands is controversial, just like the Yellowstone project it's modeled after.

Cellphone Service Is Coming To Mount Rainier, Despite Pleas To Protect Solitude


There won’t be any cellphone towers — but there could soon be cell signals at the most popular place at Mount Rainier.

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Southern Oregon Tribe Sues To Protect 2 Endangered Fish

The Klamath Tribes say the agency and the management plan it works from doesn’t do enough to protect endangered fish in southern Oregon.

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A Warming Planet Could Turn Streams Into Carbon Polluters: Study

A new study has found that warmer streams and rivers could actually contribute to climate change by releasing more carbon dioxide into the air.

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Eat. Pray. Truck. How A Northwest Tribe Brings Salmon Home

Strangely, perhaps, Chinook salmon's epic journey from mid-Pacific Ocean to a Puyallup fishing net begins with a sloshing tanker truck.

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Eagle Creek Fire Perpetrator Ordered To Pay $36.6 Million

The judge in the Eagle Creek Fire case has ordered the 15-year-old boy who admitted starting the blaze to pay $36.6 million in restitution.

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The Northwest Juniper Lumber Industry Is Poised For A Healthy Bump

Western juniper has been relegated to firewood, furniture, raised garden beds and the occasional rural fence post. That’s about to change.

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Several More Lakes, Trails Reopen After Eagle Creek Fire

Several trails and lakes have reopened to the public — including Starvation Creek State Park, Mount Defiance trail and Warren Lake — but officials encourage caution.

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How Dangerous Are The Northwest’s Volcanoes?

The Pacific Northwest is home to a number of active volcanoes. How dangerous are they?

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My House Could Help Portland Meet Its Climate Goals, But It'll Cost Me

Portland's new home energy score mandate could cut the city’s carbon footprint. But its success depends on homeowners like me.

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Restitution Could Top $36 Million For Teen Who Ignited Eagle Creek Fire

The 15-year-old boy who pleaded guilty to igniting the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge last September could be required to pay more than $36 million in restitution to 11 parties as a result of fire damage.

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Environmental Group Sues Medford Over Wastewater Treatment Pollution In Rogue River

Environmentalists and fishermen say algae growth downstream are hurting invertebrates young salmon rely on.


Will Cellphones Upset The Solitude Of Mount Rainier?

Mount Rainier National Park is considering a proposal to add cellular service in the park. More than 800 public comments were filed — most in opposition to the idea. http://earthfix.info/news/article/mount-rainier-cell-coverage-national-park/

My House Could Help Portland Meet Its Climate Goals, But It'll Cost Me


Portland's new home energy score mandate could cut the city’s carbon footprint. But its success depends on homeowners like me.

The Refillable Beer Bottle Is Making A Comeback In Oregon


In July, seven Oregon craft breweries will start selling beer in reusable glass bottles in the country’s first statewide refillable beer bottle program.

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