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WDFW Resisted Sending Helicopter To Save Woman Treed By Wolves

Recordings and summaries of emergency calls show Washington wildlife officials at first objected to an air rescue or help from the Okanogan County sheriff.

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Threatened Silverspot Butterflies Return Home To A Coastal Oregon Mountain

Silverspot butterflies were extinct on Saddle Mountain. Now they're back, but will they thrive?

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Lawmakers Set Sights On Changes To Endangered Species Act

Members of the House Western Caucus announce legislation they say will "modernize" a seminal environmental law.

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Scientists Study ‘Singing Fish’ For Ways To Improve Human Hearing

Researchers in Washington are studying a fish that nests under rocks and sings at night to attract its mates. They say the ears of these singing fish could teach us how to improve our own hearing.

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US House Bill Says Killing Hungry Sea Lions Is Fair Game

The U.S. House approved a bipartisan bill Tuesday that makes it easier to kill or remove sea lions that threaten imperiled salmon.

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A Baby Boom Is Helping West Coast Starfish Recover After Die-Off

Scientists say starfish populations are recovering from a devastating die-off with help from a massive baby boom.

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Washington's Pikas Are In Even More Trouble Than We Thought

For years, scientists thought pikas were adapting to climate change by moving uphill. But new research indicates the news is even worse than that.

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USFS Proposes Changes To Greater Sage Grouse Protections

The proposed changes call for eliminating special designations for crucial habitat as well as keeping areas open for mining.

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Bumblebee Blues: Pacific Northwest Pollinator In Trouble

Bumblebees are important pollinators, but some species have disappeared from places where they were once common, possibly because of the same factors that have been killing honeybees.

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Gray Wolves Could Lose Protections As 'Endangered' Status Reconsidered

A new status review of endangered gray wolves could lead to reduced protections. 

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