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Southern Oregon Tribe Sues To Protect 2 Endangered Fish

The Klamath Tribes say the agency and the management plan it works from doesn’t do enough to protect endangered fish in southern Oregon.

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Eat. Pray. Truck. How A Northwest Tribe Brings Salmon Home

Strangely, perhaps, Chinook salmon's epic journey from mid-Pacific Ocean to a Puyallup fishing net begins with a sloshing tanker truck.

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Cougar Attack Leaves 1 Dead, Another Injured In Washington

One man was killed and another was seriously injured when they encountered a cougar Saturday while mountain biking in Washington state.

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The Northwest Juniper Lumber Industry Is Poised For A Healthy Bump

Western juniper has been relegated to firewood, furniture, raised garden beds and the occasional rural fence post. That’s about to change.

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Dozens More Charges Filed In NW Wildlife Poaching Ring Probe

Prosecutors in Oregon have filed more than a hundred charges in an investigation of wildlife poaching that has spanned state lines and allegedly left dozens of animals shot illegally and sometimes left to rot.

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Orca In Astoria? A Rare Sighting On The Oregon Coast

Several people reported seeing orcas near the Astoria Bridge over the weekend — a rare sight in that part of the Columbia River estuary.

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This Orca Was Stolen From Puget Sound. The Lummi Nation Want Her Back

In the 1960s and '70s, catchers captured nearly 50 orcas from Puget Sound. Only one is still alive and the Lummi Nation want her back.

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Significant Drop In Klamath River Flows Leads To Fish Kill

Low water flows on the upper Klamath River have caused the death of hundreds, possibly thousands of fish.

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1st Wolverine Mother Found In Washington's South Cascades

For the first time in recent history, a mother wolverine has been spotted in Washington's south Cascade Mountains.

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Washington To Euthanize Elk To Stop Eastward Spread Of Hoof Disease

In May, wildlife officials plan to euthanize up to 20 elk in order to keep the disease from spreading further.

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