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Rogue Pack In Western Oregon Takes Down Another Calf

A 700-pound calf found dead and partially eaten Saturday in northeast Jackson County became the fifth cow kill attributed to gray wolf OR-7’s pack in the past three weeks, officials said.

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Cannon Beach Police Seek Information On Dead Rabbits

Police in Cannon Beach are asking for information about the discovery of a half-dozen dead rabbits.

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Tribes Drop Endangered Species Lawsuit In Klamath Basin

Klamath water interests are gearing up for a long-called-for reworking of roadmap for saving an endangered fish in a part of the arid Northwest where farmers need water for crop irrigation.

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BLM Says It Plans To Pull Back On Controversial Plan To Spay Wild Mares In Oregon

The Bureau of Land Management says it intends to roll back plans to spay wild mares in Oregon.

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Oregon May Be Over-Hunting Cougars — Which Could Cause More Conflicts

A hiker's death led to calls for a cougar cull. But a growing body of research suggests that aggressive killing can lead to more problem encounters with humans, not less.

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Cougar Hunting Debates Find New Life After Oregon Hiker's Death

The most effective way to hunt cougars is with dogs. Hound hunting has been banned in Oregon for over twenty years, but a fatal cougar attack has reignited the debate.

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Oregon Students Get Up Close And Personal With Intertidal Creatures

We follow a team of students from the University of Oregon's Institute of Marine Biology as they pry up rocks and wiggle into tight crevices in search of specimens for the Smithsonian Institution.

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First Coho In 40 Years Return To Oregon's Lostine River

For the last 40 years, something has been missing from Oregon’s Lostine River: coho salmon. Now, 42 coho have made it to the waters in the last two weeks.

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Snorkeling With The Salmon In A Northern California River

Volunteers snorkel the entire Salmon River every year to count every single spring chinook salmon in the name of science.

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Wolves Implicated In 3 Cattle Kills In Fort Klamath Area

A trio of cattle deaths in the Fort Klamath area earlier this week are being blamed on the Rogue Wolf Pack.  

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