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VIDEO: We Hope Your Day Is As Great As This Snow-Loving Panda's

The giant panda named Bei Bei at Smithsonian's National Zoo somersaults down a snow-covered hill. He climbs trees and dangles from branches. He luxuriates on a snow-dusted bed of bamboo.

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To Decrease Bird Kills, Cat Lovers Team Up With Bird Lovers In D.C. Cat Count

Outdoor cats kill as many as 4 billion birds each year in this country. But how many cats are there, really? Now a team of technicians is trying to count Washington, D.C.'s feral felines.

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Study: Replanting Trees After Wildfires May Not Be Necessary

 New research finds forest replanting doesn’t necessarily guarantee better tree survival.

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Scientists Spy On Bees, See Harmful Effects Of Common Insecticide

Bees exposed to a type of insecticides called neonicotinoids dramatically changed their behavior — becoming sluggish, antisocial and spending less time caring for the colony's young, researchers say.

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Love Knows No Species: Emu And Donkey Have Fallen For Each Other, Caretakers Say

"They like to cuddle and even sleep together," a North Carolina caretaker says of a recently rescued emu and donkey. "We can't separate them."

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Oregon May Be Over-Hunting Cougars — Which Could Cause More Conflicts

A hiker's death led to calls for a cougar cull. But a growing body of research suggests that aggressive killing can lead to more problem encounters with humans, not less.

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Cougar Hunting Debates Find New Life After Oregon Hiker's Death

The most effective way to hunt cougars is with dogs. Hound hunting has been banned in Oregon for over twenty years, but a fatal cougar attack has reignited the debate.

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It's A Chick! Sydney's Same-Sex Penguin Couple Welcome Baby

Sphen and Magic, a male penguin couple, are now dads to their newborn foster chick. The unnamed chick weighed in at 91 grams; its sex will be determined later by a DNA test.

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California Voters May Force Meat And Egg Producers Across The Country To Go Cage-Free

California voters will soon decide whether to ban the sale of all veal, pork and eggs from farm animals raised in cages, even when raised in other states.

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Feathered Friends Large And Small Flock On Cornell's 'Wall Of Birds'

Artist Jane Kim was nicknamed "Michaelangela" for her work on Cornell's massive Wall of Birds mural — 40 feet high and 100 feet wide, capturing 375 million years of avian evolution in paint.

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