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Feds Investigate Oregon Company's African Rainforest Hardwood Products

U.S. immigration says it’s investigating whether hardwood products made by Oregon-based Roseburg were illegally harvested from African rainforests before reaching consumers in stores like Home Depot.

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Counting Other People's Blessings

Envy is one of the most unpleasant of all human emotions. This week, we explore an emotion that can inspire us to become better people — or to commit unspeakable acts.

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Amid Tourism Push, Concern Grows Over Indonesia's Komodo Dragons

Indonesia, the only country with Komodo dragons in the wild, wants to double the number of tourists at a national park where many of the animals live. Conservationists warn against too many tourists.

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Selfie-Taking Woman Apologizes After Jaguar Attack At Arizona Zoo

"The person involved met privately with zoo officials to acknowledge her regret for her role in the past weekend's events," park officials said. The woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

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Running Oregon's Wild And Scenic Rogue River In A Classic Way

Wooden drift boats are works of art. So why take one down the rocky Rogue River?

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Trump Administration Seeks To Take Gray Wolf Off Endangered Species List

The Acting Secretary of the Interior says the gray wolf's recovery is a "great conservation success." But conservation groups say that without protections, wolf numbers will plummet.

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Mysterious Type Of Killer Whale, Sought After For Years, Found In Southern Ocean

Scienctists have likely discovered a new species of whale in the Antarctic. It's a cousin of the killer whale, previously only known from a beach stranding 60 years ago, fishermen's lore and tourist pictures.

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Why Have 21 Horses Died At A California Racetrack Since December?

It's horrified the racing world and experts say there's no clear answer as to why this is happening, though there are some theories. Santa Anita Park has halted racing to test the track.

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Filipino Authorities Find More Than 1,500 Smuggled Turtles And Tortoises

Some of the animals were wrapped in duct tape, some were mixed into luggage items such as clothing, shoes and cookies. A passenger coming from Hong Kong left the animals at the airport.

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Scientists Shocked By Rare, Giant Sunfish Washed Up On California Beach

They initially thought it was a type of fish known to swim near Santa Barbara. But by collaborating with Australian scientists, they found it was a species never before documented in North America.

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