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Poisoned Pines In Central Oregon To Be Cut

What happens to the trees next is caught between a federal plan and pending Oregon regulation.

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Sweeping Public Lands Bill Would Protect Washington Lands, Waters

The U.S. Senate Tuesday passed a sweeping public lands bill, with measures meant to protect lands across the country. It’s expected to have a big impact on Washington’s lands, rives, and more.

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Devil's Staircase And Several Oregon Rivers Would Gain Protection Under Bill Passed By US Senate

A massive public lands bill includes protection for the Devil's Staircase wildlands in southern Oregon and for numerous rivers and streams in the state.

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So Far, Northwest Forest Plan Falling Short Of Biodiversity Goals

Surprising findings raise questions about how Pacific Northwest forests should be managed.

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State, OSU Move Ahead On Elliott State Forest Transfer Plan

State moves forward with Oregon State University to find new ownership of the Elliott State Forest near the south coast.

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Gov. Kate Brown Announces New Council To Assess Oregon Wildfire Response

The new Oregon Wildfire Response Council will look at the state's efforts surrounding "wildfire education, prevention, suppression, attack, and community recovery."

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Oregon Approves New Air Quality Rules To Allow More Prescribed Fire

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission approved new smoke rules Thursday that should make it easier to use prescribed burns to lessen overall wildfire risk.

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Shutdown Cancels Federal Wildfire Training In Oregon, Washington

From aviation contracts to deals with vendors and even seasonal hiring, the partial federal government shutdown is cutting into planning and preparation for the 2019 wildfire season in the Northwest.

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Wildfire Risks Grow As Government Shutdown Lingers, Senators Warn

The partial government shutdown is elevating the threat of wildfires in the West. That’s the contention of a dozen Democratic U.S. senators.

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West Coast Governors, Trump Argue Over Wildfire Prevention Efforts

President Donald Trump sets off a tweet storm over wildfire policy with the three West Coast governors.

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