Oregon Shows Limited Progress In Reducing Food Insecurity


Oregon has shown limited progress in reducing food insecurity over the last three years, according to a new report.

Knight Cancer Institute Recruits Skin Care Experts In Fight Against Melanoma


Oregonians enjoying the spring weather may not have realized, but they’re in the middle of a "war on melanoma." Skin care professionals are now being recruited in the fight.

Advanced Genetic Test Removes Mutation From Oregon Family's Bloodline


Genetic tests are getting cheaper and more common. One family has used a procedure to rid its bloodline of the BRCA gene mutation and the associated cancer risk.

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Moves At Top Of Oregon Behavioral Health Department Frustrates Some

Oregon’s behavioral health director, Royce Bowlin, is retiring at the end of June. Some people say constant turnover at the position is short-changing the mentally ill.

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Conditions Improve For Multnomah Inmates With Mental Illness

Conditions for prisoners suffering from mental illness at the Multnomah County Detention Center have improved over the last year, according to a new report by Disability Rights Oregon.

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OSU Scientists Say They've Created A New Sunscreen Out Of Plant Waste

Whilst looking at the waste product of the meadowfoam plant, scientists at Oregon State University think they’ve found a potential new sunscreen.

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OHSU Selects Surgeon From University Of Texas As Next President

After months of searching, OHSU has picked a new president. Dr. Danny Jacobs is dean of the school of medicine at the University of Texas.

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AI Beats Experts At Diagnosing Childhood Disease

An artificial intelligence system is better than most experts at diagnosing a childhood blindness disease, according to a new study from Oregon Health and Science University.

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Providence St. Vincent Hospital Worker Had Tuberculosis While Around Patients

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland is warning patients that one of their employees has tuberculosis.

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1st-Of-Its-Kind Report Establishes Public Health Benchmarks For Oregon

A new report establishes a benchmark in public health work, so future standards in Oregon can be established.

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For Farmworkers' Kids, Country Air Means Dust, Pesticides And Asthma

The children of the people who grow our food are especially vulnerable to severe asthma attacks. Now, researchers are trying a new approach to solving the problem.

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Exercising With A Spouse May Help Cancer Patients And Their Relationships

Oregon Health and Science University has been awarded a five-year grant to look at the benefits of exercise for cancer patients who workout with a significant other.

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There's A Cure For Hepatitis C, But Oregon Limits Access

The opioid epidemic is spreading a virus: hepatitis C. A new class of drugs can cure it. But the state of Oregon limits who can get them.

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