Brown Seeks Tobacco Tax Hike But Backs Away From Higher Alcohol Taxes


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown delivers a split verdict on proposal by Oregon Health Authority to raise taxes on alcohol and tobacco.

Multnomah Jails Report Shows Most Inmates Need Treatment Services


A grand jury looking into conditions at Multnomah County’s jails found the majority of inmates have either mental health or substance abuse issues.

Oregon Voters Trounce Ballot Measure That Sought To Curb State Funding Of Abortion


An underfunded group of abortion opponents put Measure 106 on the Oregon ballot, despite the state's frequent past resistance to adopting new restrictions on abortion.

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Linfield College Buys A Permanent Portland Home For Nursing Program

Linfield College announced it's buying the University of Western States' Northeast Portland campus for $14.5 million.

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Oregon To Reduce Incarceration Of People Who Have Mental Illnesses

The Oregon Health Authority, the courts and the police are starting a new effort to stop sending people who suffer from mental illnesses and substance abuse problems to jail.

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Oregon Clears Backlog Of More Than 5,000 Rape Kits

Oregon has cleared its backlog of more than 5,000 rape kits, state police announced Wednesday.  

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79 People Who Were Homeless Died In Multnomah County Last Year

Multnomah County said Tuesday that 79 people who were homeless died last year — one fewer than in 2016.

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New Oregon Guidelines Try To Dial Back Opioid Prescriptions

The Oregon Health Authority has published new guidelines for prescribing opioids.

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Oregonians Lead Search On New Drug To Solve Malaria

Researchers at Portland State University have teamed up with Oregon investors to develop a new antimalarial drug.

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New Leukemia Research Harnesses The Power Of Big Data

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have released one of the largest data sets of its kind, aimed at curing leukemia.

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Where They Stand: Oregon's Gubernatorial Candidates On Health Care

Gov. Kate Brown and challenger Knute Buehler agree on a lot. But they've clashed when it comes to expanding health care coverage.

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A Change Of Heart: Knute Buehler Now Supports Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions

In 2015, Buehler supported a bill that would have tightened Oregon's loose vaccination law. 

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Oregon Adopts New Policies For Medicaid

Oregon’s Health Policy Board has adopted new plans for the use of Medicaid in the state.

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