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Substation Fire Q&A: How Investigators Determine Wildfire Cause

The cause of the investigation remains under investigation. Here’s what we know about it and how wildland fire investigations happen.  

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Wooden High-Rise Project In Downtown Portland On Hold

Plans for a wooden high-rise in downtown Portland are no more.  

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Threatened Silverspot Butterflies Return Home To A Coastal Oregon Mountain

Silverspot butterflies were extinct on Saddle Mountain. Now they're back, but will they thrive?

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Wine Country Takes Root In New Places To Combat Climate Change

As climate change heats valleys up, wineries are taking action — moving to cooler zones, planting varieties that do better in the heat and shading their grapes with more leaf canopy.

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USFS Proposes Changes To Greater Sage Grouse Protections

The proposed changes call for eliminating special designations for crucial habitat as well as keeping areas open for mining.

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NW Tribes Bringing Traditional Wildfires Back To Their Lands

Tribes across the West are trying to restore their forests and grasslands to the way they were before white settlers arrived. Their goal is to return traditional foods like roots, huckleberries and big game.

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Forest Service Says Disaster Funding Bill Will Help Fight Wildfires This Year

The U.S. Forest Service says it will have more money to fight wildfires and more tools to prevent them thanks to the new wildfire funding bill Congress recently approved.

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Making Homes Resistant To Wildfire May Be Cheaper Than We Thought

Homes mixed in with forests are a big complication for managing wildfires. But experts say keeping those homes from burning could be cheaper and simpler than previously thought.

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Oregon Geology Study Shows Portland Metro Landslide Hazards

A new lidar-based landslide inventory across the Portland area show more than 7,000 past landslides — 10 times as many as research teams mapped after 1996-97 storms.

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