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Wolves May Keep Cows Off Washington Fish And Wildlife Land

Washington Fish and Wildlife may prohibit cattle from some department grazing lands to avoid conflicts with wolves, according to an internal review of grazing policies.

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Oregon's State Parks Break Camping Attendance Record, Higher Fees At Popular Parks Coming

The number of people camping in Oregon’s state parks reached new heights in 2018.

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Half Mystery, Half Magic: In Search Of Great Grey Owls

Nicknamed the "ghosts of the forest," great grey owls are elusive. Photographer Ken Shults is on a quest to find and photograph these elegant owls.

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Last Visit: A Personal Tour Of Oregon's Iconic Nelson House

A final look at Oregon's most photographed homestead.

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Shutdown Cancels Federal Wildfire Training In Oregon, Washington

From aviation contracts to deals with vendors and even seasonal hiring, the partial federal government shutdown is cutting into planning and preparation for the 2019 wildfire season in the Northwest.

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National Park Service Plans To Expand Operations Amid Government Shutdown

Volunteers and a skeletal staff have maintained sites in some parks. In others, the amount of damage and trash triggered an unprecedented move from the National Park Service to return more workers.

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Umatilla's Owl Man Is Bringing Burrowing Owls Back From The Brink

A decommissioned chemical weapons depot and a lone biologist might be the last hope for a population of burrowing owls.

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To Build A Ballpark, Baseball Must Overcome Oregon's Love Of Industrial Land

The group trying to bring Major League Baseball to Portland has picked a stadium site, but Oregon's commitment to preserving industrial land is one big logistical hurdle. 

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Oregon Moves On Plan To Repurpose The Elliott State Forest For Research

Oregon State University wants to create a world-class research forest near Coos Bay.  Now they need $121 million.

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BLM Says It Plans To Pull Back On Controversial Plan To Spay Wild Mares In Oregon

The Bureau of Land Management says it intends to roll back plans to spay wild mares in Oregon.

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