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BLM Says It Plans To Pull Back On Controversial Plan To Spay Wild Mares In Oregon

The Bureau of Land Management says it intends to roll back plans to spay wild mares in Oregon.

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Oregon Wildfire Costs Hit Record High Of $514 Million In 2018

Fueled by wildfires that started early and threatened communities all summer, Oregon’s costs skyrocketed past last year’s record-setting total of $447 million.

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Why Many Northwest Animals And Plants Need Wildfire

Not all wildfire is a force of destruction. Many of our favorite Northwest plants and animals have evolved to depend on it.

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Public Lands Grazing Helps Ranchers, Sage Grouse, Study Says

Grazing restrictions on public lands may have unintended consequences for greater sage grouse, according to a recent study. The imperiled birds' habitat can be lost when ranching operations go under.

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PSU Launches Research Centers To 'Change The World'

It's not often a university suggests a new research effort could potentially change the world. PSU says two of its own might.

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Oregon Sen. Merkley Introduces Bill To Thin Forests, Stem Wildfires

The bill would create a $1 billion fund to allow the Forest Service to increase the pace and scale of wildfire reduction projects and permanently reauthorize a collaborative forest restoration program, among other things.

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This Oregon Farmer Grows Seeds To Restore Land Scorched By Wildfires

Once wildfires are finally extinguished across the west, another threat lingers: the burned landscapes provide an opportunity for invasive species to thrive, forcing out essential native plants.

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Campaign For A New Oregon Wilderness Bedevils Conservationists

The latest push is underway to turn Devil's Staircase into a protected wilderness area in Southwest Oregon. And the chief sponsor in Congress is ready to try again, next year.

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California Protects Rare Marten, Oregon Still Considering Options

Legal protections for the Humboldt marten are in flux across state lines. But things are more certain in California, where the Fish and Game Commission voted to list the small mammal as endangered.

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Forest Plan Revision For Oregon's Blue Mountains Enters Home Stretch

A final draft of the Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision calls for increased timber harvest and restoration across the Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman and Malheur national forests in northeast Oregon.

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