Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Safety Rules For Oil Trains


The Trump administration has finalized a roll back of Obama-era regulations for oil trains.

Oregon Considering Issuing Prescriptions In Multiple Languages


The Oregon Lgislature is considering issuing prescriptions in languages other than English.

Seattle's New Seawall Is Built To Help Salmon


The new seawall on Seattle's waterfront is designed to help salmon with more natural light, rocks to provide habitat for plankton, and a false seafloor to mimic mudflats predating the city.

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PSU Protesters Call For Disarming Campus Police At Security Building Rally

Students protesting the shooting of Jason Washington say they will occupy the steps of the PSU campus security building to pressure the school to disarm campus police.

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Trees Accidentally Killed By ODOT To Be Logged

The trees could fall on Highway 20, west of Sisters. And the herbicide killing them has not been restricted by the state in response. 

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Brown Picks Up Big Donations From Gun Control Group, Democratic PAC

Everytown For Gun Safety makes $250,000 donation to Brown re-election campaign after she signs measures tightening state's firearms laws.

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In New Approach, Metro Leaders Ask Voters For $652 Million Housing Bond

Leaders of the Portland area's regional government want voters to OK a $652 million bond measure — and a more proactive regional approach to housing. 

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A Year Later, Extinguished Eagle Creek Fire Still Prompting Closures At Multnomah Falls

The Multnomah Falls viewing platform is scheduled to close temporarily Tuesday as trees and remnants from the Eagle Creek Fire get cleared out.

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Oregon Ed Board Draws Criticism, Defense For Loosening Instruction Time Rules

As candidates for Oregon governor pledge extending the state's short school year, the State Board of Education approved exemptions for certain high schoolers from existing time requirements.

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Yakima Valley Farmers Fight For The Future Of A Cascades Lake

Climate change is forcing us to rethink how we use lakes as water reservoirs. That's creating conflict between east-of-the-Cascades farmers and recreation-seekers from the urban westside.

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Oregon Public Workers Want Unions To Reimburse Them For Years Of Forced Payments

A new class-action lawsuit is the latest attempt by foes of public employee unions to reduce their political influence. 

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What You Need To Know About Portland Clean Energy Measure 26-201

Measure 26-201 would levy a 1 percent tax on revenue large retailers make in Portland to fund renewable energy projects and job training.

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No News Isn't Great News: Oregon Test Scores Remain Mostly Flat In 2018

Reading scores went up slightly, and math went down a tad. But mostly, results were the same. And that's not good.


Oil Trains In The Northwest

OPB's coverage on the transportation of oil by rail in the Northwest.

Lead In The Water

Communities across the Northwest were shocked recently to discover dangerously high lead levels in their water. How did this happen, and what’s being done to fix the problem?

Portland's Toxic Air Problem

Portland's air is dirtier than we thought. A study conducted by researchers at the U.S. Forest Service revealed dangerously high levels of heavy metals in Portland, sparking an investigation into the sources and causing regulators and officials to question why the pollution was left unchecked for so long.

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