Summer Latin Music Festivals Offer Music And Opportunity

For Latinx musicians who have found themselves excluded from the stages of mainstream festivals, a growing range of festivals and tours catering to Latinx artists and fans is changing the game.

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Politics In Zimbabwe Has A New Soundtrack

Ebba Chitambo, 66, made music during Zimbabwe's fight for independence. Now, he's giving advice to a new generation of musicians about writing political music.

Music | Nation

Lawyer For Victims Being Sued By MGM Over Vegas Shooting Calls Suit 'Deplorable'

MGM Resorts is suing victims of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. NPR's Ari Shapiro discusses the case with Catherine Lombardo, an attorney representing a number of the shooting victims.


Malcolm Holcombe On Mountain Stage

Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Holcombe creates a beautifully rugged sound that you just can't fake.


One Key, Many Notes: Ólafur Arnalds' Piano Rig Fuses Technology And Musicality

The piano composer and his code-savvy friend created software and a piano rig that plays spontaneous notes from one key stroke.


In Batch Of New Songs, Chance The Rapper Announces He's Now A Media Executive

The Chicago-forever rapper released a suite of four songs overnight, and in one, revealed his purchase of the shuttered local news site Chicagoist.

Arts | Music | Entertainment

Can't Catch Bruce Springsteen Live On Broadway? Watch Him On Netflix

The Boss' Tony-winning, autobiographical, one-man stage show is coming to the streaming platform in December.


Mumu Fresh Feat. Black Thought & DJ Dummy: Tiny Desk Concert

Occasionally a new voice emerges so rich in experience that the only way to describe it is old soul.

Music | Election

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Life Immortalized In Song

Songs about the life and career of the Supreme Court justice, written in secret by her daughter-in-law, now make their debut on a very personal album called Notorious RBG in Song.

Music | World

In 'Macho' Brazil, Fast-Rising Star Marília Mendonça Is Inspiring Women To Push Back

Marília Mendonça has reclaimed Brazil's traditional genre sertanejo and created "feminejo," providing women with a voice in a traditionally macho society.

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