Sponsors Of Anti-Sanctuary State Measure Say Petitioning Setback Won't Stop Oregon Ballot Drive


A tough-on-immigration group says it will have to toss about 8,000 signatures it collected on a measure to repeal Oregon's sanctuary law.

Oregon DAs To Back Campaign Against Non-Unanimous Juries


The Oregon District Attorney's Association plans to roll out a campaign in the coming weeks to do away with Oregon's non-unanimous juries.

Wyden Calls For Audit Into Zinke's Use Of Wildfire Funds For Unrelated Travel


Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden is calling for an investigation into Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s misuse of wildfire preparedness funds after news reports revealed Zinke used the funds for unrelated travel.

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ICE Targets Northwest 7-Eleven Stores As Part Of Nationwide Raid

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they served audit notices Wednesday at nearly 100 7-Eleven convenience stores in the U.S., including in Oregon, Washington and California.

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Judge Orders Malheur Occupation Leader Ryan Payne Back Into Custody In Oregon

A federal judge in Oregon ruled Ryan Payne must report to the U.S. District Courthouse in downtown Portland by noon on Thursday.

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The Bundys Go Free In Nevada — And Their Dismissal Reverberates Across Oregon

A federal judge in Nevada Monday dismissed the criminal indictment against the Bundy family and one of their key supporters, dealing federal prosecutors and federal land management agencies an embarrassing rebuke.

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OSU Researchers Find Bacteria Byproduct That Could Slow Skin Cancer

Scientists at Oregon State University say they’ve found a bacteria that can slow the growth of skin cancer cells.

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Federal Investigators: Positive Train Control Would Have Prevented Amtrak Derailment

Federal investigators say technology known as positive train control would have prevented the deadly derailment of an Amtrak train south of Tacoma late last year.

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In Pacific NW, Lack Of Clarity Looms After Sessions' Cannabis Decision

The prosecutors Sessions has tasked with deciding what that regulation will look like for the region's marijuana industry haven't said much about how they plan to interpret and execute those laws.

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Rep. Greg Walden Navigates Newfound Power, Trump Backlash

Oregon's only congressional Republican, Rep. Greg Walden, has more influence than he's ever had before. But he's also getting criticism like never before.

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Oregon Governor Wants $5 Million To Shelter Homeless Families

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says she will ask the Legislature to approve $5 million in new state funding to help provide shelter for homeless families.

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Breaking Down The Regulatory Differences Among West Coast Cannabis Markets

With California joining the growing list of states with legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, let's break down the differences in how West Coast states regulate their industries.

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Why The Bundy Family Won Again In Nevada

Once again, the Bundy family has stymied federal prosecutors. 

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