Nike Sees Executive Departures In Harassment Reckoning


After shake-ups at Nike, some former employees are hopeful — if wary — that the company that made Portland "Sneakertown" can change.

Knight Cancer Institute Recruits Skin Care Experts In Fight Against Melanoma


Oregonians enjoying the spring weather may not have realized, but they’re in the middle of a "war on melanoma." Skin care professionals are now being recruited in the fight.

To Grow Their Movement, Bundys Pledge To Do 'Whatever It Takes'


Since the Bundys beat the federal government in court, they have been searching for new ways to get their message out and expand their following.

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How Cliven Bundy Found A Following

In many ways, the Bundy story in Nevada actually begins in Arizona — in a ghost town that was once called Bundyville.

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The Book Behind The Bundys' Fringe Religious Beliefs

A part of what drives the Bundys to take actions against the government is rarely touched on in press coverage of them: their fringe religious beliefs.

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The Consequences Of The Bundys' Fights With Federal Government

When the Bundys talk, they focus on land rights and constitutional law, but the fights they pick have real, tragic consequences.

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The Place Where The Bundys' Movement All Began

It's time to go back to where this all started, to return to the scene of the crimes — or not-crimes, as it turned out. We're on our way to Bundy Ranch.

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Nuclear Weapons, Waco And The Radicalization Of Cliven Bundy

Many people know the story of the Bundy-led standoffs in 2014 and 2016 against the federal government. But most people do not know where the Bundys first developed their anti-government ideology.

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The Bundys' Fight Against The Federal Government Has Only Just Begun

Many people first heard of Cliven Bundy and his family in 2014, when armed militias showed up at his ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. But that action was only part of a growing anti-government movement.

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More Women Are Running, But In Oregon It's Not Only About Trump

There’s a record number of women running for political posts this election cycle. Some are motivated by the federal political landscape, others by the Me Too movement.

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Oregonians Deliver Loads Of Comments About Proposed Weapons Ban

Proposed ballot language for the ban garnered more than 1,000 comments. That's almost certainly a record. 

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Central Oregon's Top Employers Are Mostly Small Businesses

Almost 80 percent of Central Oregon residents are employed by small businesses.

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Oregon Agriculture Department Will Lead Trade Mission To China Amid Federal Uncertainty

The trade mission comes despite efforts by the Trump Administration to beef up trade tariffs targeted at China. 

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