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End Of An Icon: Historic Nelson House Burned In Substation Fire

For years it stood alone, tucked into a hollow on the high plains of Oregon. Now it's gone. Oregon lost the iconic Charles Nelson House to the ongoing Substation Fire.

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Marylhurst University's Art Gym Finds New Home

A mainstay in the northwest contemporary art scene is saved from closure by the Oregon College of Art and Craft.

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Threatened Silverspot Butterflies Return Home To A Coastal Oregon Mountain

Silverspot butterflies were extinct on Saddle Mountain. Now they're back, but will they thrive?

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The Magic Of Musician Richard Swift

Band mates and colleagues remember the Cottage Grove producer and multi-instrumentalist as an iconoclastic force in indie rock.

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Oregon Family Waits For Remains Of Korean War Soldier

Almost 7,700 Americans are still unaccounted for after the Korean War. One of them is Cpl. Wayne Barton Gill Jr.

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Native Bees And Alfalfa Seed Farmers, A NW Love Story

Walla Walla Valley farmers have cultivated some 18 million Northwest native pollinators called alkali bees to help their alfalfa grow. It's one of the most unusual partnerships in agriculture.

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With Court Ruling Expected, Oregon Gun Ban Advocates Will Try To Make History

The Lift Every Voice coalition has until July 6 to gather more than 88,000 signatures. It hasn't started.

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Seattle Hikers May Be Trampling On Tribal Treaty Rights

Hikers are feeling squeezed by the newfound congestion on Washington trails — but so are the tribes with treaty rights to hunt and gather.

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The Pacific Northwest's Gay Men's Motorcycle Club Readies For Pride

Since 1969, the Border Riders Motorcycle Club has brought together gay men with a love of the outdoors and the open road.

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The Deadly Northwest Passageway Ships Have (Somehow) Crossed For Centuries

Explore the deadliest waterway in the Pacific Northwest, and how the region has tried to tame it for centuries. 

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