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Commercial Ocean Crabbing Delayed In Oregon

State shellfish managers have delayed the start of the commercial Dungeness crabbing season along the entire Oregon coast because of lack of meat on the crustaceans.

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Oregon Students Get Up Close And Personal With Intertidal Creatures

We follow a team of students from the University of Oregon's Institute of Marine Biology as they pry up rocks and wiggle into tight crevices in search of specimens for the Smithsonian Institution.

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Algae From 2011 Japanese Tsunami Debris Hasn’t Taken Hold

Researchers have determined that none of the marine algae that arrived in the Pacific Northwest via debris from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami has gained a foothold in U.S. coastal waters.

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Oregon Gov. Brown Plans Order To Block Drilling Off Coast

The order is a response to President Trump's pledge to open up offshore areas around the country. There's no evidence companies are interested in the Oregon coast.

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Siletz Bay Crab Clinic Makes Ocean-To-Table Easy … Sort Of

Bill Lackner holds free clamming and crabbing clinics on Siletz Bay every summer. We tag along and see how it's done.

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Another Puget Sound Orca Is In Bad Shape. 3 Others Are Pregnant

Since last November, three members of the long-endangered population have died, most recently an emaciated young female known as J50.

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Canada-US Pacific Salmon Preservation Plan Advances

Canada, Alaska, Oregon and Washington would all reduce their catch of fragile salmon species under the terms of an updated international agreement that, if approved, will help keep the migratory fish afloat in Pacific waters.

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Experts Weighing Next Steps To Save Ill Orca J50

Nearly two months after an international team of experts began taking extraordinary measures to save a young sick orca, the critically endangered whale is skinnier than ever.

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A Massive Floating Boom Is Supposed To Clean Up The Pacific. Can It Work?

The giant, U-shaped tube is designed to form a garbage-corralling barrier propelled by wind and waves. Its creator hopes to remove half the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.

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High Number Of Seabird Chicks Washing Up On Oregon Beaches

Unusually high numbers of dead and dying baby seabirds have been washing up on Oregon beaches this summer, alarming some scientists and rescue groups.

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