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Canada-US Pacific Salmon Preservation Plan Advances

Canada, Alaska, Oregon and Washington would all reduce their catch of fragile salmon species under the terms of an updated international agreement that, if approved, will help keep the migratory fish afloat in Pacific waters.

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Experts Weighing Next Steps To Save Ill Orca J50

Nearly two months after an international team of experts began taking extraordinary measures to save a young sick orca, the critically endangered whale is skinnier than ever.

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A Massive Floating Boom Is Supposed To Clean Up The Pacific. Can It Work?

The giant, U-shaped tube is designed to form a garbage-corralling barrier propelled by wind and waves. Its creator hopes to remove half the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.

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High Number Of Seabird Chicks Washing Up On Oregon Beaches

Unusually high numbers of dead and dying baby seabirds have been washing up on Oregon beaches this summer, alarming some scientists and rescue groups.

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Ocean Scientists Discover Hundreds More Methane Seeps Off PNW Coast

One concern among scientists is that the seafloor could potentially release more methane due to climate change. Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than the better-known carbon dioxide.

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Scientists Turn To Saildrones To Collect Fish Data

Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration believe their yearly count of fish populations can become even more accurate with the use of a new technology: saildrones.

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How To Clean Sand: Volunteers Take On Microplastics At Oregon Coast

How do you clean all the sand on a beach? A group of volunteers didn’t do it grain by grain, but took on the task screen by screen.

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Scientists Deliver Live Salmon To Sick, Endangered Young Orca

Scientists have taken an unprecedented step to save one of the Salish Sea’s 75 endangered orcas: They tried to feed her in the wild.

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Beach Bling: How Trash Becomes Treasure At The Oregon Coast

Look closely at the colors decorating the sand beneath your feet and you’ll find a surprising amount of something that doesn’t belong: trash. One woman has a unique solution for what to do with it. 

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'There Aren't A Lot Of Other Options:’ Port Orford’s Season Of Crab And Crisis

A fishing town on Oregon's South Coast attempts to rise above toxic algae and a volatile ocean economy.

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