Former Oregon Capitol HR Chief Retires, Agrees Not To Sue


Under an agreement signed last year, Lore Christopher will work from home and retain a full salary until September. In exchange, she can't sue for age discrimination.

Wyden Speaks With High Schoolers On Anti-College Donation Tax Break Bill


Sen. Ron Wyden's tentative legislation would eliminate tax breaks for donations, given by parents with children who are enrolled or applying for admission.

Oregon Leaders Plan Congressional Hearings On Chemawa Indian School


Tribal leaders and members of Oregon’s congressional delegation have been concerned that Chemawa is mismanaged and falling short of its mission to serve as a refuge for Native youth in search of stability and education.

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Oregon AG Visits Tijuana To See Legal Nonprofit Helping Asylum-Seekers

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and other attorneys general observed the nonprofit Al Otro Lado's work on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Should Oregon Lawmakers Make More Money? Some Senators Say Yes

A bill this session would increase lawmaker salaries by 63 percent. Backers say it's the only way to attract diverse candidates. 

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Offshore Drilling Ban Heads To Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's Desk

A bill to ban drilling off Oregon’s coast is headed to the desk of Gov. Kate Brown. The bill is a reaction to policies put in place by President Donald Trump.

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New Council Will Advise Gov. Kate Brown On Improving Oregon's Wildfire Response

Oregon's new Wildfire Response Council will make recommendations to the governor this fall on how the state can improve its approach to wildfire.

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Big Crowd Turns Out In Portland For Youth Climate Action Rally

Portland students joined the worldwide demonstration Friday to call on leaders to do something about climate change.

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'OPB Politics Now:' Portland’s Attempt At Housing Development And A Highway Expansion

Portland is changing—and it’s fighting about how it changes every step of the way.

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Portland Students Prepare for Worldwide Climate Strike

Anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand students could gather outside of Portland's City Hall to protest climate change.

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Taking A Life When It's Life Or Death

Self-defense is the No. 1 reason Americans buy firearms. But very few people know how they’ll respond if they actually have to use their gun. Taking a life, even if it’s justified, can have a long-lasting emotional impact.

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Peter Courtney Returns To Oregon Senate To Vote On Sexual Assault Measure

Courtney took a break from medical leave to support the measure, but his presence drew criticism. 

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Opponents Dominate Hearing On Portland Rose Quarter I-5 Expansion Project

The Oregon Department of Transportation took flak for an environmental assessment that opponents say present a sugar-coated view of the big project to add lanes on Interstate 5 near Portland's Rose Quarter.

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