Oregon Supreme Court Fast-Tracks Gun Control Petition


Supporters of the proposal had been bracing for weeks of delay. Instead, the court ruled they can begin collecting signatures immediately.

Why This Oregon School District Will Consider Arming Its Staff


More than two dozen school shootings have taken place across the United States so far in 2018. Now, an Oregon school district is considering arming its staff.    

After Late Hurdles, Oregon Gun Control Proposal Might Come Up Short


The initiative likely won't have time to collect 88,000 valid signatures. Supporters are planning an announcement next week. 

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'OPB Politics Now': Oregon’s Potential Ballot Fight Over Abortion

Of all the ballot fights Oregonians could expect later this year, abortion may be the most surprising.

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Cabinetmaker Wins Oregon Independent Party Gubernatorial Nomination

Independent Party member Patrick Starnes fended off write-in candidacies from Republican Knute Buehler and Democratic Gov. Kate Brown to win the party's gubernatorial nomination.

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Why Are Asylum Seekers In Pacific Northwest Prisons?

Some of the people seeking asylum who were stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border have been sent to prisons in the Pacific Northwest  — including parents separated from their children.

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As Ohio Purges Voter Rolls, Oregon Is Going In The Other Direction

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson says he'll push to end the practice of purging inactive voters. 

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Oregon Could Be Unlikely Abortion Battleground This Fall

Oregon is nationally known for its strong support of abortion rights. But the debate over abortion could be in the spotlight in Oregon during this fall’s political campaigns.

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The Last Time Oregon's Christmas Tree Farmers Faced Down A Trade War

Talk of new tariffs are worrying a range of agricultural businesses across the Northwest. But this isn’t the first time local farmers have been in the crossfire over an international trade dispute.

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Oregon Initiative To Curb Semi-Automatic Guns Can Still Qualify For Ballot, Backers Say

The Oregon Supreme Court will — at most — give backers of a controversial gun-control measure just two weeks to launch and complete a signature drive to qualify for the November ballot.

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'OPB Politics Now': Pacific Northwesterners Positioning For The White House

 When it comes to presidential politics, Oregon and Washington aren’t exactly battleground states. 

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As Grocers Seek Shelter From New Oregon Taxes, Opponents Warn Of Chaos

The anti-tax proposal is likely to make November's ballot. Some believe its impact would be felt far beyond the grocery aisle. 

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Parents Separated From Children At Southwest Border Headed To Pacific Northwest Prisons

Some of the parents separated from their children while seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border will end up in federal prisons in Oregon and Washington. 

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