Merkley Has Options To Pursue Presidential, Senate Runs Simultaneously


Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley is weighing a Democratic presidential race while keeping his options open to run for re-election if his presidential hopes flame out.

9th Circuit To Rehear Case Challenging Deportations For Minors


In an unusual move, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is rehearing a case Monday that could guarantee minors facing deportation access to attorneys in immigration court.

'OPB Politics Now:' Baseball, Tolling And A Day Of Reckoning


Major League Baseball might be coming to Portland. Tolling might be coming to Oregon freeways. And a day of reckoning might be coming to the state Legislature.

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In Unprecedented Internal Squabble, Oregon Officials Tap High-Priced Lawyers

The state Legislature's and labor bureau have racked up hefty legal fees as they fight over sexual harassment at the Capitol — and costs are only climbing. 

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Kotek: Lawmakers Will Comply With Sexual Harassment Investigation

After losing repeatedly in court, the Oregon Legislature will cooperate with an investigation into sexual harassment at the Capitol. 

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Oregon Lawmakers Ordered To Comply With Subpoenas — But Will They?

Capitol officials face a Wednesday deadline to produce sensitive documents in an ongoing harassment investigation. 

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Here's 1 Small Oregon Pension Fix That Could Actually Be A Win-Win

In the flurry of ideas for paying down Oregon's $22 billion public pension debt, one proposal stands out as unusual. It’s far from a cure-all, though.

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Dick's Sporting Goods Settles Lawsuit Over Gun Sale Age Restrictions

Tyler Watson, 20, settled his age discrimination lawsuit against Dicks Sporting Goods. In February, the retailer changed its firearms policy, raising the minimum age to buy a gun to 21.

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Gov. Kate Brown Quietly Balances Budget With Increase To 'Minimum' Business Tax

The governor's recommended budget would ensure that some of Oregon's largest companies pay more than is currently required. 

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Audit Flags Problems With Portland’s Environmental Agency

The Bureau of Environmental Services is spending millions on projects aimed at improving water quality and restoring wildlife habitat, but auditors found the bureau often can’t prove it's meeting its goals.

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Business Leaders: Pension Reforms Must Be Part of 2019 Education Solution

At their yearly summit, some of the state's largest business interests offered a new vision for solving Oregon's fiscal woes. 

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Oregon Teachers Call For Solutions To Disruptive Student Problems

Teachers say some problems have only gotten worse, like fraying supports for students’ emotional and psychological needs.

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The US Farm Bill Looks To Fight Wildfire

The House Agriculture Committee announced a tentative deal Nov. 29 on the massive federal farm bill. Final negotiations over the legislation have focused not on farms but on forests.

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