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Popular Route To Terwilliger Hot Springs Cleared Of Boulders

The massive landslide that has blocked the quickest and easiest route to Terwilliger Hot Springs from Eugene is mostly cleared.

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UO Gives Peek At New Hayward Field Design Tweaks

Several tweaks have been made to the design of the new Hayward Field, including changes meant to re-create some of the old venue’s airy charm, the University of Oregon announced this week.

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UO Applies For Permit To Start New Hayward Field Foundation Work

The application is the first permit sought toward construction of the new Hayward Field after the city approved the demolition last month.

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People Celebrating July 4th Are Major Source Of Wildfires

Put down your Roman candles, sparklers and bottle rockets. Humans ignite more wildfires on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year.

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Dismantling Of Historic Hayward Field East Grandstand Begins

In a first step toward dismantling the 93-year-old grandstand, workers removed original seat boards and placed them in a truck.

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Eugene's Historic Hayward Field Takes Its Final Bow

It's the end of Hayward Field as we know it, and not everyone feels fine.

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New Forest Service App For Pacific Northwest Is 'First Of Its Kind'

If you're looking to get outside on Memorial Day weekend, you might first check your phone. The U.S. Forest Service launched a mobile app this week that...

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Cellphone Service Is Coming To Mount Rainier, Despite Pleas To Protect Solitude

There won’t be any cellphone towers — but there could soon be cell signals at the most popular place at Mount Rainier.

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Several More Lakes, Trails Reopen After Eagle Creek Fire

Several trails and lakes have reopened to the public — including Starvation Creek State Park, Mount Defiance trail and Warren Lake — but officials encourage caution.

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Portland Parks & Recreation Director To Step Down

The director of Portland Parks & Recreation announced he is leaving Monday.

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