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5 Most Important Environmental Issues Of 2017

From Paris to the White House to the wildlands of the Pacific Northwest, the environment was big news in 2017. 

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Report: Hanford Tank Waste Will Take Longer To Treat, And Cost More

A new report about the radioactive tank waste at Hanford says the cleanup could take decades longer and cost billions more than estimated.

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What It's Like To Be A Teen Who Sues The Government Over Climate Change | Terrestrial

In this episode of terrestrial we explore how this case works and what motivates a teenager to step away from school and friends to wage a legal fight against the government.

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Puget Sound Is Getting An Orca-Friendly, All-Electric Ferry

Washington is poised to embark on an experiment in electric car ferries that could eventually transform the largest ferry fleet in the nation. And little Skagit County is leading the way.

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Secrets Of Ancient Glass Could Help Lock Away Hanford Waste

Northwest scientists are testing ancient glass from Sweden with the hope they can recreate it for the storage of the Hanford nuclear site's radioactive waste.

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Northwest States, Cities Pledge To Uphold The Paris Climate Deal

Northwest states once again speaking out against Trump administration actions on climate change.

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Portland General Electric Pulls Permit For Natural Gas Plants

Portland General Electric has suspended plans to permit two new natural gas-powered facilities.

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New 'Terrestrial' Podcast Explores Choices That Come With A Changing Environment

EarthFix is pleased to introduce terrestrial, a new environment-focused podcast from a journalist who’s been with us since the beginning.

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Portland Votes 'Yes' On Plan To Turn Poop Into Vehicle Fuel

Portland's wastewater agency has a new plan for the methane gas that’s a byproduct of solid waste.

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Govs. Inslee And Brown Band Together To Challenge Trump's Energy Plans

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington are banding together in support of clean energy.

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