Threatened Silverspot Butterflies Return Home To A Coastal Oregon Mountain


Silverspot butterflies were extinct on Saddle Mountain. Now they're back, but will they thrive?

Can 'Moneyball' Fix How The West Manages Wildfire?


The U.S. Forest Service and others have been saying for decades that we need to allow more wildfire on the landscape. But so far, we haven't practiced what we preach.

Self-Driving Bikes: The Next Transit Revolution?


What does your future commute look like? Will you be taking a self-driving car, a solo-wheel, the hyperloop? What about a self-driving bike?

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Scientists Study ‘Singing Fish’ For Ways To Improve Human Hearing

Researchers in Washington are studying a fish that nests under rocks and sings at night to attract its mates. They say the ears of these singing fish could teach us how to improve our own hearing.

Science | Agriculture | NW Life | local | Flora and Fauna | Environment | Animals

Native Bees And Alfalfa Seed Farmers, A NW Love Story

Walla Walla Valley farmers have cultivated some 18 million Northwest native pollinators called alkali bees to help their alfalfa grow. It's one of the most unusual partnerships in agriculture.

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Washington's Pikas Are In Even More Trouble Than We Thought

For years, scientists thought pikas were adapting to climate change by moving uphill. But new research indicates the news is even worse than that.

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Why Do We Have Allergies?

We've had hundreds of millions of years to figure out how to peacefully coexist with pollen. How have we not figured this out yet?

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Oregon State Scientist Creates Edible Plastic. What Does It Taste Like?

A scientist at Oregon State University is developing edible food packing as well as edible coating for fruits and vegetables.

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Ashland Crime Lab Investigates A Mysterious Montana Animal

Can a wildlife crime lab in Oregon find out what this mysterious wolf-like animal is?

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As Salem Frets About Toxic Algae, Should The Rest Of Oregon?

Salem is still under a drinking water advisory due to a toxic algal bloom. And other blooms across the state may go undetected.

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How Dangerous Are The Northwest’s Volcanoes?

The Pacific Northwest is home to a number of active volcanoes. How dangerous are they?

Land | Science | Flora and Fauna | Climate change | Environment | Communities

Study: Wildfires Burn More Severely On Private Timber Plantations Than Public Forests

New research sheds light on what drives fire severity in the Pacific Northwest.

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AI Beats Experts At Diagnosing Childhood Disease

An artificial intelligence system is better than most experts at diagnosing a childhood blindness disease, according to a new study from Oregon Health and Science University.

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