How Dangerous Are The Northwest’s Volcanoes?


The Pacific Northwest is home to a number of active volcanoes. How dangerous are they?

Study: Wildfires Burn More Severely On Private Timber Plantations Than Public Forests


New research sheds light on what drives fire severity in the Pacific Northwest.

AI Beats Experts At Diagnosing Childhood Disease


An artificial intelligence system is better than most experts at diagnosing a childhood blindness disease, according to a new study from Oregon Health and Science University.

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Exercising With A Spouse May Help Cancer Patients And Their Relationships

Oregon Health and Science University has been awarded a five-year grant to look at the benefits of exercise for cancer patients who workout with a significant other.

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Researchers ID Whales By Genetic Bread Crumbs Left Behind

Even two hours after they pass, genetic traces from orcas can be detected in the water.

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Tropical Dolphins Are Appearing In Pacific Northwest Waters

For the first time, bottlenose dolphins have been sighted off the coast of British Columbia. And more might be coming.

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A Fight Over Salmon-Killing Roads Is Now A Supreme Court Case About Native Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether treaties between tribes and the federal government require state taxpayers to dish out billions to dig up roads for salmon.

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This Is Why You Don't See People-Size Salmon Anymore

Fishermen used to stand next to Chinooks almost as tall as they are. But a century's worth of dam-building, overfishing, habitat loss and hatcheries has cut the size of the average fish in half.

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Noisy Shrimp May Be Helping Gray Whales Find Their Prey

Scientists haven’t actually seen these creatures, but they’re hearing them loud and clear. And they think hungry gray whales may be tuning in as well.

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Polluted Stormwater Damages Fish's Ability to Survive

When fish grow up in stormwater instead of clean water, they go out into the world less equipped to survive.

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1st Recorded Case Of Eye Worm Found In Oregonian

Americans may be more vulnerable than previously believed to a type of parasitic eye worm, according to two new studies published Monday. One of the first cases was found in Oregon.

Science | Environment | Fish & Wildlife

Researcher Uses Drones To Learn How Whales Respond To Noise Pollution

What happens to whales' health when we fill their habitat with noisy ship traffic?

Pacific Ocean | Environment | News | Science | local

OSU Having A Whale Of A Time Finding Funds For Carcass Project

Oregon State University researchers have a quandary. They have a nearly-80-foot-long blue whale carcass they want to turn into an educational display…but no funds. 

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