Murder Stats: Mapping The Influx Of Roosting Crows In Portland


Thousands of crows flock to Portland's park blocks each winter, darkening the sky at dusk and roosting overnight in the city's trees. Much about the crows' habits is unknown.

Umatilla's Owl Man Is Bringing Burrowing Owls Back From The Brink


A decommissioned chemical weapons depot and a lone biologist might be the last hope for a population of burrowing owls.

The (Mostly) Invisible Volcano That Built Bend


Four hundred thousand years ago, a monster eruption shook the central Cascades. Today, most of the evidence of it is gone — unless you know where to look.

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How Thick Forests Can Reduce Snowpack

When it comes to building snowpack, a pristine forest isn't necessarily a good thing. New research shows how forest thinning can lead to more water and snowmelt come spring.

Flora and Fauna | News | local | Sustainability | Energy | Science | Economy | Fish & Wildlife | Environment

Dam Agreement Aims To Help More Salmon Survive Columbia River Journey

A new agreement aims to help more young salmon make their way past dams along the Columbia and Snake rivers.

Pacific Ocean | News | Fish & Wildlife | Environment | Science | local | Communities | Water

Scent Research Could Help More Salmon Find Their Way Home

Southern Oregon’s Elk River has a problem. Salmon produced in a fish hatchery there aren’t returning to spawn. One scientist believes she has a solution … leading the salmon by the nose.

Science | Environment | News | Animals | local

The Mysterious Virus That Killed The Oregon Zoo's Youngest Elephant

No one knows why so many young elephants like Lily at the Oregon Zoo die from a usually harmless elephant virus. But there's a global effort to save them.

Science | local | News | Animals

Meet The 'Mitchell Ornithopod': Oregon's 1st Dinosaur Fossil Find

A toe bone discovered near Mitchell, Oregon, is the first dinosaur fossil ever found in the state.

Flora and Fauna | local | Science | NW Life | Animals | Fish & Wildlife | Environment

Oregon May Be Over-Hunting Cougars — Which Could Cause More Conflicts

A hiker's death led to calls for a cougar cull. But a growing body of research suggests that aggressive killing can lead to more problem encounters with humans, not less.

Flora and Fauna | local | Science | NW Life | Animals | Fish & Wildlife | Communities

Cougar Hunting Debates Find New Life After Oregon Hiker's Death

The most effective way to hunt cougars is with dogs. Hound hunting has been banned in Oregon for over twenty years, but a fatal cougar attack has reignited the debate.

Pacific Ocean | News | local | Science | Animals | Fish & Wildlife | Environment | Water

Oregon Students Get Up Close And Personal With Intertidal Creatures

We follow a team of students from the University of Oregon's Institute of Marine Biology as they pry up rocks and wiggle into tight crevices in search of specimens for the Smithsonian Institution.

Science | Environment | Sustainability | News | local

Portland Lab Creates Paper Replacements For Plastic Packaging

Swedish paper company BillerudKorsnäs tests out alternatives to plastic packaging at its design lab in Portland.

Pacific Ocean | News | Food | Recreation | local | Science

Siletz Bay Crab Clinic Makes Ocean-To-Table Easy … Sort Of

Bill Lackner holds free clamming and crabbing clinics on Siletz Bay every summer. We tag along and see how it's done.

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