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Without Chinese Buyers, Northwest Recycling Becomes Trash

Northwest recycling companies are scrambling to find markets for our paper and plastic as China cracks down on waste imports.

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Fishermen, Researchers Try To Outsmart Bait-Robbing Seabirds To Save Them

When commercial fishermen spool out long lines in pursuit of sablefish (known as black cod to consumers) seabirds looking for an easy meal dive to steal the bait. It can be fatal.

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Washington Residents Are Warned Their Recyclables Will End Up In Landfills

Washington recyclers are worried they could soon have no place to send discarded paper and plastics. China has decided the U.S. is letting food and garbage contaminate too much of its recyclables.

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China Wants Nothing to Do With America's Trash

It will no longer import recycled scrap from the U.S. So what do we do with it?

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Oregon Poised To Send Recycling To Landfills

Oregon regulators have received more than a dozen requests from companies that want to throw recyclable materials into landfills.

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Washington’s Cannabis Industry Isn’t As Green As You’d Think

Marijuana growers and processors use a lot of electricity and have a carbon footprint equaling that of 3 million cars.

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Chinese Ban On Waste Imports Puts Northwest Recycling In Limbo

By the end of the year, much of the mixed plastic and paper that goes into recycling bins will be banned from China, which could mean they will end up in a landfill.

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Are The Car-Sharing And EV Revolutions Leaving Poor People Behind?

A new program in Northeast Portland aims to serve people outside the boundaries of mainstream car-sharing services.

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Are Environmentalists To Blame For All These Fires?

Conservatives are arguing that if loggers had been allowed to cut more trees, we wouldn’t be having all these fires. But scientists say it's not that simple.

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'Ugly' Produce Delivery Service Expands To The Northwest

A California-based company that sells blemished and misshapen fruits and vegetables is expanding into the Northwest.

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