2M Emails Containing Personal Info Possibly Exposed In Oregon DHS Security Breach


The Oregon Department of Human Services said nine employees clicked on an email link on Jan. 8, 2019, that may have allowed hackers to access about 2 million emails.

What Oregon's Cap-And-Trade Legislation Can’t Buy


Electric vehicles and clean transit are largely off-limits under Oregon’s proposal to slash emissions through cap-and-trade legislation.

E-Scooters Are Returning To Portland This Spring


The Portland Bureau of Transportation announced a second pilot program Tuesday after a report found more than half of Portlanders have a positive view of the scooters. 

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911 Service Working Intermittently In Clark County After Delayed, Confusing Emergency Alerts

Residents in Clark County, Washington, were not alerted of widespread 911 outages through a wireless emergency alert system until almost three hours after the county's emergency services agency appeared to have first acknowledged its 911 center was compromised.

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Rebooting Computer Science In Central Oregon To Draw More Kids

Sixty Central Oregon studentspacked a lecture hall at OSU Cascades recently to learn the basics of design. The objective was to create something innovative.

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OPB's Favorite Videos From 2018

On resilience and wonder: Replaying OPB's standout videos of 2018.

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SimCity In Stumptown: Portland To Get Model Powered By Cellphone Data For Planning

For the first time, Portland’s transportation planners are getting access to the powerful insights companies glean from tracking the location, moment by moment, of millions of cellphone users.

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Blazers Prepare For A Season Without Paul Allen

By the time Paul Allen died Monday, he spent 30 of his 65 years as owner of the Portland Trail Blazers.

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FBI Warns Schools To Protect Student Data From Cybercriminals

The FBI issued an alert recently about “cyber threat concerns related to K-12 students.” Officials in Oregon schools are already well aware that student data is attracting cyber criminals.

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Narrative In Virtual Reality: Oregon Studios Head For Next Level

Several content makers in the region are working on vanguard films and animations made to be experienced in virtual reality. Now, if only the market would catch up.

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Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Safety Rules For Oil Trains

The Trump administration has finalized a roll back of Obama-era regulations for oil trains.

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Trump's Tariffs Hit Oregon's Semiconductor Industry

A new round of tariffs on Chinese goods has caught the attention of Oregon’s high-tech chip industry. Several products related to semiconductor production are on the list.

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How Conservationists Are Using AI And Big Data To Aid Wildlife

A Portland nonprofit is using artificial intelligence to help give the conservation movement a makeover.

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