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British Columbia To Contribute To Portland-Vancouver Bullet Train Study

The Canadian province of British Columbia will support and has agreed to contribute money to further study of bullet train service from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver.

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Electric Car Incentives In Northwest Teetering On The Brink

If you're thinking about buying an electric car in Washington state, you might want to act fast. That's because the state Legislature is on the verge of letting a hefty sales tax break expire.

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Eugene Council Commits To Spending Millions For ‘Quiet Zones’ At 10 Railroad Crossings

In separate votes Monday, city councilors committed to spend millions of dollars in public money for safety upgrades at 10 railroad crossings in downtown Eugene and the Whiteaker neighborhood to silence the loud horns of passing trains.

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Officials Consider Bike And Pedestrian Bridge From Lake Oswego

County planners say the project would connect two high-density residential areas on either side of the river and would expand access to transit.

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Snow Cancels School In Washington, Oregon

Some school districts have announced delays or closures after a storm brought snow to parts of Washington and Oregon.

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NWS: Portland To Get 3-8 Inches Of Snow, Stay Home If You Can

A winter weather warning is in effect for the Portland metro area Tuesday, and the National Weather Service is advising people to stay home if possible.

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Downtown Eugene's Railroad Quiet Zone Debate Gets Noisy

Whether the end is near for the train horns that blast hundreds of times day and night through downtown Eugene may hinge on an important discussion and decision by city leaders next week.

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How A Grassroots Effort In Vancouver Fought Big Oil — And Won

Opposition to fossil fuel ventures is common on the West Coast, but what sets Vancouver apart is the community’s ability to keep up the pressure for years.

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Trump To Unveil Long-Awaited $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

The proposal is expected to shift much of the funding burden onto states and local governments. Critics say that will lead to higher state and local taxes and an increased reliance on user fees.

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Who Can Use Washington's Carpool Lanes? Solo Drivers Make Their Case

With traffic congestion getting ever worse in the Seattle metro area, two classes of solo drivers are asking for permission to use the carpool lanes.

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