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Vancouver Unveils New Waterfront At Grand Opening

Thousands of people gathered Saturday on the shore of the Columbia River to celebrate the grand opening of the much-anticipated Vancouver Waterfront park.  

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More Staff, Funding Recommended In Response To Algal Toxin Water Crisis

The Oregon Legislature is considering allocating more than $1.2 million to better prepare state agencies for algal toxin contaminations in response to Salem's drinking water crisis this year.

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Yakima Valley Farmers Fight For The Future Of A Cascades Lake

Climate change is forcing us to rethink how we use lakes as water reservoirs. That's creating conflict between east-of-the-Cascades farmers and recreation-seekers from the urban westside.

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Oregon Now Has A Hypoxia Season, Just Like A Wildfire Season

Scientists say warming ocean temperatures mean Oregon's coastal waters now have a low-oxygen season, just as the state's forests have a fire season.

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Experts Weighing Next Steps To Save Ill Orca J50

Nearly two months after an international team of experts began taking extraordinary measures to save a young sick orca, the critically endangered whale is skinnier than ever.

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A Massive Floating Boom Is Supposed To Clean Up The Pacific. Can It Work?

The giant, U-shaped tube is designed to form a garbage-corralling barrier propelled by wind and waves. Its creator hopes to remove half the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.

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Ocean Scientists Discover Hundreds More Methane Seeps Off PNW Coast

One concern among scientists is that the seafloor could potentially release more methane due to climate change. Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than the better-known carbon dioxide.

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Recycling Washington Ghost Ships Could Turn Trash Into Treasure

When a ship owner’s dreams die, the vessel may end up as a pollution source. DNR wants to spur cleanups and rural jobs.  

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Fixing The Willamette's Toxic Algae Problem Could Start At Ross Island

Toxic algal blooms have plagued the lower Willamette in recent years. Most of them started in one place: the lagoon at Ross Island, near downtown Portland.

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Portland Water Bureau Has Location, Technology In Mind For New Filtration Plant

The Portland Water Bureau is advancing a plan to filter Portland's drinking water for the first time since the system came on line in 1895.

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