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Major Dam Project Could Leave Oregon's Detroit Lake Empty For Years

A project intended to improve conditions for endangered fish could mean essentially emptying Detroit Lake for one or two years.

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Feds To Pause Killing Of Beavers After Threat Of Lawsuit

The U.S. government will temporarily halt a beaver-killing program in Oregon after environmental groups threatened a lawsuit alleging the practice hurts endangered fish species.

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Oregon Sues Monsanto For PCB Clean-Up Costs

Oregon is suing the agro-chemical company Monsanto to help clean up toxic chemicals in the environment.

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Three Animations To Help You Understand Fracking

A series of animated "explainers" on the rise of fracking, water use in fracking, and the high stakes game of deciding where to drill.

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Portland Council Approves $10 Million Utility Lawsuit Settlement

The city will transfer $7 million from its general fund to the utility fund. The remaining $3 million will pay for the plaintiffs' legal fees no later than Dec. 29 this year. 

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Agreement Sets Pollution Testing Plan For Portland Harbor Superfund Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized the next big step in cleaning up the Portland Harbor Superfund site: inking an agreement for how pollution levels will be tested.

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Officials Have About 10 Years To Complete Bull Run Water Filtration Plant

State and Portland city officials have almost 10 years to build and start operating a water filtration plant in the Bull Run Watershed. 

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Landowners Illegally Drain 500 Million Gallons Of Water From Declining Washington Aquifer

Washington landowners are facing stiff penalties after illegally pumping more than 500 million gallons of water from a declining aquifer.

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Unknown Amount Of Gas Spilled Into N. Santiam River After Tanker Crash

A tanker carrying about 11,500 gallons of gas crashed after losing traction on black ice on Highway 22 near Idanha, Oregon.

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Portland Settles Utility Lawsuit Alleging Improper Spending For $10 Million

The city of Portland has reached a $10 million settlement in a long-running lawsuit alleging misspending of ratepayer dollars by the city’s water and sewer bureaus.

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