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Detroit Lake Hit With 3rd Toxic Algae Advisory Of The Year

For the third time this season — and the second time in three days — the Oregon Health Authority issued a health advisory due to high levels of cyanotoxins at three different locations.

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Health Advisory Issued For Upper Klamath Lake Due To Algae Bloom

Drinking water that contains the algae is especially dangerous. The toxins cannot be removed by boiling, filtering or treating water with camping filters.

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Salem Water Crisis Puts Businesses In A Bind

The toxic water pouring from Salem taps has sent businesses in the city scrambling for nearly two weeks to reassure customers, find alternate water sources or simply stop producing.

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Salem Extends Drinking Water Advisory For At Least 2 More Weeks

The city of Salem is extending its drinking water advisory for at least two more weeks as a precaution.

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Salem Cyanotoxins 'Decline To Nominal Levels,' Advisory Could End Friday

New water sample results in Salem show a toxin produced by algae blooms in the city's water distribution system are below concerning levels.

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As Salem Frets About Toxic Algae, Should The Rest Of Oregon?

Salem is still under a drinking water advisory due to a toxic algal bloom. And other blooms across the state may go undetected.

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OHA To Require Regular Testing For Cyanotoxins In Drinking Water

Under temporary rules that state health officials hope to install by month's end, local officials would also be required to notify the public of test results.

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Salem's Mayor Orders Investigation Of Cause Of Detroit Lake Algae Blooms

Toxic algae blooms have been a common occurrence at the reservoir east of Salem, which serves as the source of the city’s water supply.

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Salem Issues Another Drinking Water Advisory Over Cyanotoxins

Salem has issued yet another drinking water advisory Wednesday for the city’s vulnerable populations – just four days after lifting its last advisory.

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