2017 OPB Special Coverage Packages


Some stories this year could not be told with just a single article. For its more complex stories, OPB combined resources to curate investigative pieces, cultural phenomena, historic moments and more.

Frogs, Fish And Farmers Feel Out Compromise On Deschutes River


With Central Oregon’s booming population growth, water is an increasingly important resource. And on the Upper Deschutes River, scarce water has become a big problem for wildlife and river habitat.

In Lieu Of Paris Agreement, Mayor Wheeler Joins Other Cities In Signing Climate Charter


Portland joins a list of cities and states across the country that are acting in direct contrast to the Trump administration on federal matters like climate change.

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Is North Korea Capable Of Attacking Oregon?

North Korea is developing a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile that theoretically has the capacity to reach the West Coast.

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Guess What's Showing Up In Our Shellfish? One Word: Plastics

Scientists predict that plastic in the ocean will eventually outweigh the fish there. Where is it all coming from? And is it making our food unsafe? Researchers are trying to find the answers.

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Fire, Event Bring Delays To Some Central Oregon Roads

Eclipse festival traffic is slow Friday morning  near Prineville, but moving.

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Refugee Advocates Expect Challenges Even If Travel Ban Gets Tossed

Refugee programs in the Portland area are still coming to terms with what the partial reinstatement of President Trump’s refugee and travel ban means for the vulnerable people they serve.

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Crossing the Border To Protest A Canadian Pipeline

People in the U.S. technically have no say in the matter of Canada's Trans Mountain pipeline. But that hasn’t kept them from protesting increased tanker traffic in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

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OSU Professor Wins Prestigious Award, Encourages Scientists To Engage

The National Academy of Sciences has chosen Oregon State University marine studies professor Jane Lubchenco for its highest award.

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Oregon ACLU Legal Director Says PDX Hasn't Detained Refugees

Matthew dos Santos, legal director for the Oregon American Civil Liberties Union, spoke to OPB Morning Edition Host Geoff Norcross about the presidential executive order that strictly limits who can enter the United States.

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A Portland Refugee Worries: Will Her Parents Make It Home?

Noor Hilmi's family fled Iraq after her brother was kidnapped. Now they're refugees in Portland. They're also one of many families thrust into confusion by President Trump's travel ban.

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Portland's Faith Community Condemns Trump's New Immigration Orders

Leaders from Portland’s churches, mosques and synagogues called Friday for a united front against President Trump’s new executive orders on immigration.

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In Wake Of Trump's Executive Order, Oregon Governor Says State Will Protect 'Everyone'

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says it's not clear what effect President Trump's executive order on sanctuary cities will have on state government.

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